Really scary

I was sat in bed last night and it finally dawned on me that in less than 6 months I will be walking down the aisle in front of loads of people, then speaking in front of loads of people.

After that I will be a married woman!! took me a while to get to sleep after this the thought of it has made me so sick with nerves, excitment and FEAR!!!! imageimageimageimageimage

Anybody else had this irrational reaction to the thought of getting married?!?!?!?! I still have butterflies going crazy in my stomach now when I think of the wedding I really hope they go because I cant focus on planning!!!


  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Got the confirmation for our booking the registra today - ever since the phone call to book the date/time, I keep suddenly stopping and thing ' holy c**p, I'm Going to be Mrs... pretty much freaking me out!!

    Not the getting married, being a wife bit, more the idea that I wont be Miss..., I'll be Mrs... I keep thinking I'm my MIL - but she's lovely so guess I'll get used to it!!! image

    Cant wait to be his wife tho!!! image
  • mrshardie2bmrshardie2b Posts: 253
    I was a bit like that, its more about being a MRS and changing my name, I couldnt really get my head around it. I'm completely happy to change my name(just to clarafy!!) but I was nervous about becoming a MRS, until I went to a wedding at the weekend and my whole thought process changed. I'm not nervous anymore, i just cannot wait for the day to get here now, I'm more excited and a lot less nervous. Maybe it was seeing others go through their day and it go beautifully and perfectly. I think the closer we get the more excitement takes over. I'm sure you'll be feeling a lot less nervous in a few days. image xx
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