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Diary of a DIY wedding

After 10 years and 1 child together we are getting married in September on very tight budget and I thought I would do a little diary of all the preparations as I am doing so much of it myself to keep costs down, from arranging my own bouquet and doing the buttonholes to doing the table centres, making the invites and decorating the venue, and all in just over 5 months. I think I might be nuts image


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    wow that is a tight time scale. good luck and i can't wait to see how it all goes! image
  • OK here goes, stage one of sweetie tree centrepiece


    So after lots of thought I decided I'd have sweetie tree's as centrepieces instead of flowers but when I looked up the price of them I realised if I wanted them I'd have to make them myself. This will be for the Tooty Frootie table (I'm giving the tables the names of the sweets rather than numbers). Still needs finished as I underestimated how many sweets I'd need, and then need to cover the stalk with ribbon and dress up the bucket. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out so far though. Just need to decide which other sweets to use for the other tables.

    This has worked out at about £8 per tree including the sweets.
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    Hey, Congrats.

    Don't worry about the timescale, if you are determined you can totally do it. Just try to keep things simple, and dare I say it delegate (I'm immensely bad at delegating). I have to admit I'm a little bored of my engagement and planning now, I think a five month challenge would have been better for me.

    Can't wait to see all your makes! Love the little bucket for your sweet tree! Xx
  • Ha ha yes delegating is a tough one. Planning this wedding has made me realise what a complete control freak I really am but I'm trying to let other people help, it's sooo hard though image

    I never wanted a long engagement and was delighted that H2B was in agreeement. Although it's a challenge (an overwhelming one at times), I won't get the chance to get bored and if I pull it off I'll be feeling very pleased with myself. *cue Cheshire cat grin image
  • We're having clay pigein shooting and archery among other things at the wedding so I need to have some flat shoes to change into. I figured if I had to wear flats they would be blinged up so here is my progress on my sparkly trainers image

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    Can i come to your wedding i get the impression it is going to be AMAZING! Archery and shooting?!?!?!? Love it. you have defense inspired me with the sweet trees. what size ball did you use if you don't mind me askingimage
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    Have you stuck the sweets straight on or used toothpicks? I'm really excited to start making mine (I only need two though for the sweet table decoration image )
  • Please could you provide step by step instructions for the sweetie tree as I'd love to make my own but havent a clue what to do! From a hygiene perspective of edible gluing the sweeties or safety with toothpicks then the ball itself...I was looking at getting those foamy things florists use.

    Thanks x
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    Those shoes are fab! Sounds like it is going to be a really fun wedding - good luck with all your DIY-ing image
  • The size of the ball used is 15cms. Its polystyrene, I wouldn't use oasis to be honest as it disintegrates really easily and you don't want people eating that image

    To make take one pot, half fill with plaster of paris (I used cement but only because we had some in the garage, as you do image), put in the stake (I got these at homebase, got 3 out of one stick). Make a hole for the stake in the ball and when the cement is set put the ball on the stick. Push it right up into the top of the ball (the ones I have are hollow and come in two halves so had to be glued together). Put some glue round the hole to stick the stake to it and give it a little extra stability. Then when the glue has set, melt some chocolate, brush it on, a small area at a time and stick the sweets to it. When complete, wrap ribbon round the stalk, and put some fancy pebbles in the top of the bucket.

    Hope that all makes sense.

    Thanks Nats 2013, I really hope the weather goes our way. We really wanted something different for our wedding than the usual hotel so we've hired a gorgeous barn in a fieldsports event centre in the middle of the country. The front of it is entirely glass and looks over a lake. We are flying in from the ceremony by helicopter although the guests don't know this yet as we want to keep it a surprise. We are hoping to also have croquet and badminton plus there is a pool table and table tennis table in the adjoining marquee. I know guests often get bored while photographs are being taken so we want to keep them occupied while they are waiting for the BBQ. Hopefully it'll be super relaxed and great fun and thats all I really want xx And if you can make it over to NI on 22/09/12 you're more than welcome to come image
  • Your wedding sounds amazing!! X p.s thanks for the tree tips

  • img

    I finally got round to finishing the first sweetie tree, so here is the centrepiece for the tootie frooty table image
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    my man comes from NI don't tempt us, i think we took our inspiration from the same place although you are blowing ours completely out of the water with the helicopter, wow oh wow (the man is scared of heights so it would never have been an option sadly hehe)

    show us more, show us more!
  • The helicopter is definitely our treat and we aren't hiring cars for the trip to the church although H2B is hoping his friend will be able to give him a ride on his custom built trike which would be a pretty cool way for him to arrive.

    Where abouts in NI is your man from?
  • loving your sweetie trees, thanks for the tips as I want to make a few for my sweetie table. I am thinking of doing lolly tree, flying saucers and all sorts. do you know how to keep them fresh?

    I am also from NI image
  • Hi engaged2010, I don't have any tips for keeping them fresh although I'd imagine you'd be better making the flying saucer ones closer to the time. I'm going to wrap mine in cellophane and keep my fingers crossed image Whereabouts in NI are you from?

  • img

    I've made organza pom poms for decorations but I'm stuck with how to display them, I'd love any tips you can give me image
  • MrsWoodley2beMrsWoodley2be Posts: 145
    aww loving the blinged up shoes image
  • Thanks Mrs W image
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    love the organza pompoms, gives me reassurance using a range of reds will work beautifully. how do you think you want them displayed? hanging on fishing wire? arranged like flowers in vases? on the back of chairs instead of the usual chair cover/sash routine...

    hes from Carrickfergus (have i spelt that right?) about 20 mins outside Belfast
  • I'm just on the other side of the lough from Carrick in Bangor so pretty close really (and you have spelt it right). Despite appearances in the picture the two red organza pom poms are the same colour but the light catches them and makes them look different (apparently its a wine and black organza). I'd like to use them to decorate the chairs in the church down the aisle we'll be wlking down but I'm not sure how to do it. I was thinking of hanging them on white ribbon with a diamante slider to decorate but have run out of inspiration as to the best way to do it xx
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    these are just attached to the tops of the chairs and look quite good, have also seen the classic organza sash wrapped diagonally around the end chairs which looks much more contemporary than a stand sash tie

    (is it bad form to post pics on other people's planning thread-if so sorry image
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    that's what i was looking for....
  • Ooh thanks Nats, they look quite sweet. We're not having chair covers I don't think as it's just an extra expense but want something to jazz up the church a bit. My pom poms are smaller than those but I was thinking of having 3 or 4 of them together.

    PS. I don't think its bad form to use someone elses pic, it's there for all to see anyway.

    Hows the dress coming along? Getting through those crystals yet? xx
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    having a break to start the paper and origami flowers for decorations and bouquets, i have boxes everywhere hehe. im somewhere between 500-600 crystals so far. how far has your house been taken over by wedding stuff?? image
  • Paper origami flowers, can't wait to see those! *idly wonders if she could make those too.....

    My house is completely overrun with wedding stuff. I make dribble bibs and other baby stuff as my business so my house is already like a fabric shop. The wedding has simply added to the chaos and I think I've given up on housework until October. I need to stop jumping about from one project to the next though as I'm starting to lose track of what I've done so far xx
  • You're doing well with the crystals by the way 600 is good going xx
  • So after having a nosy through pinterest I have seen a guest book quilt which I think is a fab idea. Guest books get thrown in a cupboard and forgotten about, a quilt will be used and will be a constant reminder of our guests kind words.

    I have asked my Mum to make the quilt as I simply don't have time and she's always asking me to give her something to do. Here is the one I saw on pinterest
  • Oh and I've also decided to frame some little love quotes and put them around the barn as part of the decorations. Getting so excited now xx
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    that guest book quilt is great! i bet your mum will love doing that too

    did you see the thread on love quotes, iv got it saved in my bookmarks to print off but we loved the yummy ones

    i really cant wait to see more pictures of what youre up to, youre just perfect inspiration and encouragement for me

    i've sort of ditch the origami side with the flowers and am going for general abstract paper flowers-it means i get to use glue to i know they will keep their shape better over the next year. i found this a really good page to take examples from and im making 2 types at a time so that i dont get so bored with the repetition.

    lists lists lists!!!
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