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September Brides Menus???

Were getting married on 8th sept (only 88 days to go!!) and Im having a little freak out about ourvmenu!! Were having quite a traditional wedding, reception is in the adelphi hotel liverpool who offer a great package, we got given a sample menu which was fine for us and the food was gorgeous so we just decided to stick with that: starter of veg soup with croutons main:chicken in white wine and tarragon sauce with veg and potatoes and profetieroles for dessert, like i said i had no problem with this its food we like, but then a few people said they dont like white wine sauce etc so we offered the vegi main which they didnt like. but im now worrying that the menu is 2 wintery, does that make sense? lol like all brides im hopeing the day is going to be sunny! whats your opinions on the menu? whats everyone else having? and would u br happy with the menu if u wer a guest at my wedding? also were having a cold buffet in the evening


  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    We are having chicken liver pate, slow cooked blade of beef and profitroles. I think you menu is fine, it's no more wintery than ours. we could have had chicken and tarragon but we were worried that a few people wouldn't like tarragon.
  • MisscluelessMissclueless Posts: 283
    We are having tomato and meatball soup (with tomato and red peper for veggi's) I am thinking of having pate just for the bride as I don't want to really risk tomato soup with my wedding dress as I am the clumsiest person ever!!!

    Roast beef with all the trimmings (the venue does the best beef ever!!)

    not sure about dessert yet thinking apple pie as its my H2B's favourite!!!
  • Maddi2012Maddi2012 Posts: 256
    I think your menu sounds lovely I would be happy to have it, it is actually very similar to my brothers and his wedding day was a very hot day and it honestly didn't matter.

    We are having a menu called 'Bring me Food' which is a collection of 4 dishes for starter and 4 for the main and they are served in large platters/serving bowls for our guests to share. The food was really important to us as we always have family and friends round for dinner or go out for dinner - our social life does revolve around food! At the moment (I say this as it is seasonal so it could change) the menu is:


    Tiger prawns, chilli & garlic

    Mozzarella, roast squash & rocket

    Beetroot salad, walnuts and sprouting vegetables

    Smoked salmon

    Mains (these are all served with extra seasonal veg and potatoes)

    Rib of beef, watercress & b????arnaise sauce

    Corn-fed chicken, spring vegetables

    Pan fried sea bass, purple sprouting broccoli

    Risotto primavera


    We are having a dessert table and our friends are all contributing and we will cut and eat our wedding cake as my good friend is making it and I didn't want it wasted.

    Wow I am hungry now my green salad has not filled me up!

  • mandi133mandi133 Posts: 424
    Thanks guys, I feel much better now! and maddi2012 omg ur menu sounds amazing!!
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    All of your menus sound fab!

    I am seriously hungry now!

    mandi133 your menu does not sound at all too wintery. I hope you are reassured by what the other girls have said they are having!

    We are serving


    Smoked Bacon and Chicken Tartlet, served warm over a leek and white wine puree


    Sweet Cantelope Melon with Minted Strawberries with white wine jelly and red wine syrup


    Fillet of Beef (cooked medium rare) garnished with root vegetable crisps, green beans and dauphinoise potatoes


    Gnocci and Roasted Sweet Potato served with rosemary cream sauce


    Afternoon Tea Trio of desserts (Strawberry Jelly, Victoria Sponge and Chocolate Orange Tart - with popping candy base).

    Food - the best part of the day! image
  • Mrs MaynesMrs Maynes Posts: 601
    You will always get people picking about the food. Your menu sounds lovely! We are having warm goats cheese tart, chicken with veg and spuds and bileys cheesecakeimage
  • Would your venue not do an alternative sauce? Or at least put in jugs so people can decide what they want?

    We're having goats cheese and red onion tart or trio of melon with sorbet, then sausage and mash or mushroom strudel, then sticky toffee pudding or mango cheesecake. Our caterer is really flexible though and will make other things if people don't like it!
  • CCisMarriedCCisMarried Posts: 331
    i get married in november (i know its the wrong month!!) and we are having


    breaded mushrooms with garlic dip


    tomato and red pepper soup


    fish and chips


    sausage and mash


    chestnut mushroom and onion pie


    treacle pudding and custard

    apple crumble and custard

    people get to choose what they would like. We have had some really positive comments so far!

  • kikoonookikoonoo Posts: 57
    I'm getting married on 01/09 too and our menu is:

    no starter (we have nibbles with drinks before the meal)

    main: beef bourguignon with potato & parsnip mash and petits pois

    cheese board

    and dessert / sweet table
  • sarahtooeysarahtooey Posts: 148

    This is ours

    Starter: Mackerel Fillet, Celeriac Remoulade & Pea Shoots

    Main Perthshire Venison Fillet, Colcanon Mash , Red Chard &Peppercorn Jus

    Desert: Crananchan (a Scottish desert made of cream and raspberries - delish!)

    It's a Scottish wedding and hence the venison.

  • Im getting married a month after you and we are having:


    Leek and Potato soup with crusty bread and croutons

    Roast beef and yorkshire with all the trimmings

    Vanilla Cheesecake and rasberry coulis


    My H2B wanted Lamb as a main but we were talked out of this as some people can be funny about lamb so we went with the safer choice off beef x

  • rachmac13rachmac13 Posts: 86

    We're getting married on 15 Sept. We're having a lamb-roast (decided we preferred the lamb to hog), so having 'nibbles' with drinks and then the lamb-roast with salads, potatos, bread and two pudding options. 

    We gave our guests the choice of lamb (the main thing), salmon or halloumi & veg skewers - the latter two more for the vegetarians (if they eat fish or not). However, I wanted to give everyone the choice so people enjoy themselves. Most people have gone for the lamb but a surprising number of non-vegetarians have gone for salmon/halloumi. 

    I am an incredibly fussy eater (not as bad as I used to be, but fine dining isn't my thing) and we're leading towards a festival-ish theme so this seemed to work for us! 

    To be honest though, I have never been consulted on food at weddings - you get what you get - so I think that while considering the whole party has its place, the main thing is that it's something you like image

  • pinklady1203pinklady1203 Posts: 241

    I'm getting married 7th sept and having:

    Starter - crispy duck with hoi sin sauce served on asian salad or button mushrooms served on crispy crouton with creamy blue cheese sauce

    Main - (all with roast pots and seasonal veg) beef and yorkshire pudding or chicken roulade stuffed with vine tomatoes and red peppers, and for the veggies a strudel with pine nuts and basil pesto

    Dessert - vanilla and strawberry slice thing!

    I think my menu sounds more summery than anything else, but tbh i dont think it matters - as long as its nice and everyone enjoys it!! xx

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