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anyone else??

Arghhhhhhhh!!!! Omg i seriously feel like im about to snap! Im so stressed out, h2b had an eye op 3 weeks ago to hopefully restore some of us vision which is fab! But hes driving me mad, hes supposed to do nothing which i get and i would hate for him to do anything that would delay his recovery. But hes just sitting in front of the tele and expecting me do everything, im friggin exhausted, im trying to finalise all the last minute wedding stuff, deal with his mother, deal with bitchy jealous friends and sister, keep the house clean and tidy, theres loads of little of jobs that need doing before the wedding, and look after and keep our 3 yo daughter entertained. N then my h2b 20 yo old son is just sitting on his arse infront of the tv doing nothing, talking to us all like crap n moaning about everything! I seriously feel like im about to snap, n i know im ovet reacting. but i feel so pissed off n overwhelemd with everything image oh and im worrying im gonna look like a big ugly heffer on the weddinh day, i feel so rubbish physically about myself, i wanted to lose weight like most brides but i just couldnt i reallu tried n fpund myself getting so stressed out that i was comfort eating n have broke out in spots with stress. Please tell me other people are goinh crazy aswell?
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