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8th September 2012

Just 27 days to go!! I had my final dress fitting yesterday and I love it, I wish I'd lost a bit more weight but Im not going to starve myself now! Most things are done now and Im starting to feel abit nervous, we went to a family wedding reception on friday night and every single person we spoke to said 'oooo it'll be yours next' and its made me dead nervous! The beautiful bride at the wedding said to me how nervous she was when her music started and how she walked down the aislr practically having a panic attack. I tend to shy away from attention and all them people looking at me is seriously starting to panic me. Hows everyone else feeling?


  • I get married on the same day as you and feel exactly the same! I'm not nervous of the commitment or anything like that - it's everyone looking at me! We went to a wedding in May and my legs went jellyish just watching the bride walk down the aisle as I imagined it would be me soon!

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    Thank god its not just me! lol. Like u im not nervous about getting married or anything, its just everyone looking at me and judging me! My mil2b can be quite bitchy, and every wedding weve been to shes slated something! Usually the brides dress! I love my dress Im just abit nervous coz Im not skinny, i have curves and love my food, like i said i wish id lost more weight, i just hope no-one thinks i look fat image
  • I'm sure you'll look lovely - as it will shine through how happy you are to be marrying you h2b!

    At least you're not in my shoes....i'm getting married 1 week after you and discovered yesterday when I went for my first fitting (uber delayed but that's another story) that the shop has ordered me in the wrong size. AAARRGGGHH. no idea what I'm going to do now... Jeans and tshirt maybe?!?!


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    ooooo hun! That is awful, what are the shop doing about? I really feel for u, big hugs xxx
  • I'm getitng married the same day as you, and am feeling super nervous at the moment, I really dont feel very organised either which I think is half the problem. I also had a dress mishap on wednesday, I went for my last fitting and the lady didnt help me into my dress like last time, and I pulled a little to sharply and ripped my dress, not hugely badly it just needs a few stitches. But enough to get me stressed and worry... I've put on a little bit of weight and where i had ripped it was on the bum... didnt make me feel very great about myself.

    Cath - i hope your dress shop will do something about that?! xx

  • haha i ripped mine too when trying it on yesterday - they didn't help me put it on either - and being two sizes too small it ripped down the seam on the bum too when I was pulling it up.

    I think it's a bit of a myth that all brides lose weight - I certainly havent! I did kind of want to and have been going to the gym like mad but it just hasn't changed!! But I feel healthy and happy so I guess I shouldn't worry (well not so happy right now after the dress disaster!).

     I hope your seamstress can fix it for you. It's their fault for not helping you...! image fingers crossed they can sort it out for you - it doesn't sound as if there was any real damage and i'm sure they'll be able to fix it. and don't worry about putting on weight - it just means you're happy as you are which is a fab place to be in!

    Well am hoping that my shop can find it for me in the right size but not holding out much hope with that. I have made a few appts with other places for this coming week - but sort of want to buy something from the original shop as they will certainly have to make sure it's heavily discounted....but at this stage i just want to find one that I love and that fits!!!



  • I am very happy, thats the thing H2B and I love to eat good food, so we eat well!!Thankfully it only ripped in underskirt bit not the actual outside of the material, but it was enough to make the dress not lay right on my bum and it stuck out funny! But still it doesnt make you feel to great about yourself! I've been really stricked with myself with what I eat now, I'm working so much at the moment, I'm struggling for time to get to the gym. But the lady in the shop said its easily fixable! It'll just cost me!!

    Have you had any luck sorting your drerss yet?

    Am starting to get a little bit panicky about everything now, feeling nervous I haven't got enough time to finish everything I want to do. My bridesmaid come back from Oz next week, then its my hen weekend and then it's only two weeks to go! Is anyone else feeling like they are having to rush to get things finished? And it hasnt stopped raining here in the south west!! xx



  • 7 days Ladies!!! Not long now!! Who else has been weather watching?? xx

  • meeee lol up to now the 10 day forecast has been saying its going to be sunny image
  • I know thats what its been saying for down here in the south west too!! SLightly cloudy on the weather forcast but at the moment no rain!!! keep our fingers crossed!! x

  • It says sunny with cloud for me on Isle of Man too but I'm not counting my chickens yet as it's always raining here! Fingers crossed it will stay as it says though. I've bought big umbrellas just in case!

    I picked up my dress today eek! It's in the spare room with a note on the door telling my H2B to stay out with a heater in front so I know he'll remember he can't go in lol.


  • ??d love it to be sunny (like we all would) but its proberly 1 of the only things that wr havent got control over!! ?? still havr quite a bit to do this werk, i have yo pick up my table plan and table stationary, decorate my wish tree, make cookies and choc truffles, make up favour boxes, get my eyebrows done, hair colored, get my nails done, clean my carpets, paint bathroom, paint front railings and do the garden lol. ??m extremely thankful to have so many friends n family to help me lol. What about u girls? xx
  • I have a ton of stuff to do too! Pick up my dress and the bridesmaids have their last fittings, bridemaids hair trials, tan and nails. Pick up suits, get my engagment ring cleaned, finish my nephews bag of goodies (to keep him occupied!) try and find a frame for some family photos and get my dad a gift. That doesnt even include picking up the evening food, the linen and the cake!! Only have today and tomorrow morning to work so will have lots of time before hand to get things sorted!! Havent even thought about packing for our honeymoon!! Bloody hell when you write it all down it looks quite daughting!! I thought I was organised! xx

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