well our wedding is 7th sept, and as my counter has informed me is only 18 days away. it just seems to be hitting me that the 2 years of planning is coming together, anyone else felt like this?

we had a very busy wedding weekend, doing order of service, paying suits, cars, florist, ring & room decor all paid off. we managed to also get the mens shoes and everything for the sweet table & also finished all the gifts off. Also booked the rehearsal image 

Wedding cards & gifts are starting to arrive now too and in my head i think its still ages away but its coming in so quick.

How are all you lovely ladies getting on?


  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    I tried my dress, veil, shoes etc on this weekend after it was altered last week and that made it feel very real. I only have 13 days left now! Still a few things to sort though! xx

  • i am going for my final dress fitting on wednesday & very excited about it

  • ClareD2bClareD2b Posts: 88

    Ive only 4 days left and it hasnt really hit me yet!! Rehersal and final dress fitting tonight so maybe it will then image

  • CrowLadyCrowLady Posts: 151

    6 weeks ago I was all raring to go but now its 24 days I'm panicking and I don't know why?! We have been together 9 years and still crazy for each other just think I'm stressing myself!!

    Only the car left to pay now, which we do this weekend, crazy yhat the banns have been read so legally nothing to stop us getting wed!!

  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205

    How exciting! I cant stop smiling im so excited - such a child!

    Did you feel better about your dress Kye? After the alterations? x

  • I'm quite a way off yet - but I'm already excited.....not too sure how I'll be when the counter gets down that low.....I'm sure you will be fine though ladies x

  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408

    we've got 25 days and everything seems to be up in the air atm. We've argued almost every day for the last week and hubby announced this morning that he doesnt know whether he can go through with it. I think its finially hit home that he's making a huge commitment.

  • well my h2b has started having sleepless nights, while i sleep like a baby lol. nerves have def hit him but i am sailing along nicely.

    think in my head its still ages away even though everything is near paid off, just band & florist to pay off which will be done this weekend. i finish work today as my baby starts pre school next week image

    linzi1987 - hope its just the stress of the wedding getting closer, maybe have a wee night, meal & movie and no talk off wedding to put things back on track, hope its all ok for you both x

  • kikoonookikoonoo Posts: 57

    I've got 8 days to go. My hen day/night is tomorrow!!! Very excited about that! I think that it will all become more and more real!

    I mainly have got to collect stuff next week, book beauty treatments...

  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582
    mrslane2b wrote (see)

    How exciting! I cant stop smiling im so excited - such a child!

    Did you feel better about your dress Kye? After the alterations? x

    I did feel much better thanks MrsLne, looking forward to being all done up in my pretty dress now!

    Can't believe I get married a week tomorrow. Everyone was winding us up at church tonight! x

  • 7 days to go for us. Had great hen night last night. Excited, nervous then back to excited.
  • 11 days to go for us and I can't wait!  After 20 months of planning I can't believe its actually come around. It just doesn't seem real! Am so excited for us all! I hope we can all chill out and enjoy these last few days as in two weeks time we will be looking back and it will all be over and we will be wives!

  • mandi133mandi133 Posts: 424
    its 13 days for us now! Every time I come on here and see how many days it is i get butterflys! But on the plus side Im pretty much over my obsession with everything going perfect! As long as I marry Billy then nothing else matters! And Im not having wedding nightmares anymore! I just cant get to sleep at night coz im ezcited! lol
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582
    lovingmyman wrote (see)
    7 days to go for us. Had great hen night last night. Excited, nervous then back to excited.

    Hey, are you a September 2nd bride? I really want to find another one! Yay if you are and to be fair yay if not as you are still only a week till your wedding! x

  • Hi kye83


    yesbgetting married on 2nd September so this time next week I'll be a Mrs.... What day is your wedding?

  • kye83

    Just realised that you said 2nd September so we're wedding buddies!!!!!  What time is your ceremony & where?  So many questions....image

  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    Finally a wedding day twin! I'm getting married in Harrogate (N Yorks) in a lovely church and local hotel. Can't believe its only a week ago.

    How about you? Have you got much left to do?

  • No me neither, it seemed to drag then bang it's here. Today was strange kept doing that "this time next week" thing?... Lol

    Getting married in Croydon, Surrey. Having a civil wedding in a lovely barn. Wedding is at 1pm. Thought I had everything done but keep torturing myself that I need something else. Are u all prepared??
  • Well ladies i am curreny in hair dressers getting the trail done & next week is full off beauty treatments from facial to wax & nails lol.

    Cant believe i can now say next week is the wedding
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    oooh Engaged2010 that sounds lovely!

    I'm now at 5 days, same as my date twin (So excited about this!). Your wedding sounds beautiful, I would have loved a barn but it just wasn't practical in the end and I really wanted a church wedding. I'm so not done, I'm a terribly disorganised bride but I also like to change my mind. I'm just trying to get everything packed up and finished off at the minute. My biggest job is my table plan, i'm lining a vintage case in pretty fabric and having my plan displayed in it, I'm sure it will look great but its doing my head in at the minute.

    I think I need some pampering like you engaged2010. x

  • Ooh that sounds like a lovely touch kye83. Glad to know I am not the only disorganised b2b. Engaged2010 your pampering session sounds great, mine is Saturday. Had some advice today from one of my ole married friends who said def most important thing is to enjoy the day and not stress the little things. Stressing interrupts your day and leads to regrets. So I am gonna keep this as my mantra over the next few days..... Lol
  • mrsp2b23mrsp2b23 Posts: 82

    9 days! I keep panicking about all the things I have forgotten about and checking and then realising I need to calm down and enjoy it, and that I have done most of it, and little jobs will get done when I go home after finishing work (last day tomorrow) but then I sit for a min and panic again!! I'm obsessive! thank God for these forums!

    can't believe all this work and planning is going to come to an end, what the hell is going to keep us busy? can people tell me what they are doing right now in last few days so I can convince myself I haven't missed anything?! xx

  • Ha! Ha! mrsp2b23.  With 3 days to go I would love to tell you that it all gets calmer towards the end but it doesn't.  Just keep remembering to breathe & remembering what the day is about.  I think planning can go on forever but really there wont be much left to do.  I am just finishing my place names and have just finished the table name cards which I made myself.  I just have to decorate my post box then its pampering al the way really.

    The worst thing for me is I am constantly on weather watch for Sunday which is daft coz I won't be able to control that in any

    Not sure what will happen to my brain once it's all over, will have to look for another project like someone else's wedding....image

  • 19 days for me, im also a very disorganised bride. We had an unmissable oppertunity to buy our own house and due to complete next week so moving next weekend too and to top it off i have broken my knuckle this week on my left hand! Cant believe its come round so fast this time last year i was excited that i only had a year to go lol

  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    Well I have two days to go, and i'm still gluing!! ARGH!!! Me thinks I am about to spontaneously combust!

    Thankfully we have booked to go to our local Turkish Baths and i'm having my nails done on Saturday morning so I might feel a bit prettier and calmer after all that. No idea when i'm going to clean my house though!!

  • Lol kye83...... You're a woman after my own heart but time has caught up and the house is looking rough, I'm looking well though.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow. I will certainly try to
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582
    Haha. You have a wonderful day also.

    I've been for my rehearsal tonight and honestly I'm terrified. Hoping some horlicks will help me sleep. X
  • 3 days now ladies, everything is boxed and ready to go to hotel on thursday. today is cleaning house and facial and tints image wednesday is busy, collect wedding rings, suits, dresses and wedding rehearsal then thursday is madness with bringing everything to hotel & nails etc then staying in my mums to chill with my girls image

    cant believe it is only 3 days away, i am also on weather watch which is annoying as nothing I can do about that. Living in northern ireland I am prepared for the worse and have purchased an ivory heart shaped golf brolly image

  • MrsSMrsS Posts: 136
    Just noticed the date.. Hope you're having an amazing day! Great weather too!
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