Can't believe it's this month!!

Hello, I've not been on here in about 6 months! And it's suddenly feeling very close ad real, it's still 4 weeks til our wedding yet but can't believe we can actually say 'we're getting married THIS month!!'

How's everyone getting on with the stuff that needs doing? You won't believe this but I've still not finished sending out the invites and the RSVP date is today haha! Oh well, it'll be fine.

When are you people picking up your dresses (or how long before your wedding did you?) I'm still not sure where to put it really. And I'm worried I won't fit in it as i'm currently 8-9 weeks pregant and it's already tighter on my bust area, but by the wedding i'll be about 12 weeks, so I'll have to pray I won't get much biggerr, oh dear!

We paid off the rest of the honeymoon last night so that's a relief, just need to somehow find the cash to pay vicar now image

Hope everyone's okay and not freaking out over anything too much!


  • I've got just under two weeks left until mine and i am all organised thankfully, just got the rehersal with the vicar tonight and then a meeting with the photograhper on friday and i think we're all sorted just need to pamper myself. I pick up my dress on saturday and weddding the week after, but its been at the seamstresses for 3 three weeks

    Aww congratualtion on the baby thats lovely, have you started to show a little bit then? depending on the style of dress you've got it will be am to take out a little bit. I've had to have my taken in.

    How are all your other plans getting along?

  • thank you, I only really show a bump after I've eaten so its mainly bloating, but on an empty stomach there's practically nothing there unless you know what you're looking for, and i'm only a size 8 so not much fat on me to begin with hah. I think I shall have to put my dress on before i eat anything then hope it will all stay in when I do haha. The dress woman seems to think it'll be fine but not so sure now, it's my boobs that won't stop getting bigger!

    Don't think there is much else to do other than arrange a meeting with vicar in a couple of weeks and print the order of services (which my parents are doing thankfully)

  • Oh thats not too bad then. Has your dress got a corset back so you can let it out a bit after you've eaten? My sister is 32 weeks atm and is my bridesmaid on the day but she didnt start showing properly until 4 months.

    We had our rehersal with the vicar last night and it actually made me a bit emotional and made me think about kneeling down in my dress (haent done that yet so i need to practise.

    Where abouts are you getting married?

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