Ok, so I have been as calm as anything until today when I log on to YAYW and they kindly remind me I only have 25 days to go! Thanks for that! 

How is everyone else feeling?? 




  • I've got 9 days to go and im feeling fine, everythings been organised way in advance so we've had a couple of stressless weeks. Just finished the table plan and photocollage and the only other things to do are pampering image

    It still doesnt feel real though as its come round so quickly. How are your plans coming together?

  • Same as you Linzi - all sorted and just finding things to do! Good luck with the wedding - it will be magical! x

  • am90am90 Posts: 54

    I am in the middle of getting all the bits done, although I still have 22 days to go. It's just the table bits and all the small things that are getting me in a faff. Have my appointment on Monday to have my dress altered so getting super excited about that.

    What is making you the most excited? I seem to be getting very emotional at the moment, when weddings are on tv or I listen to our wedding song I go all funny and butterflies explode in my tummy and i start to get teary - think i will defo need my honeymoon when it gets here - anyone else getting emotional with all the build up? xx



  • Hi Ladies,

    Im on 7 days, everything done that I can do. Next week is all about pampering! The only thing I will have to do is collect all my wedding day items from my wedding stationer and have the wedding rehearsal on Wednesday evening. I cannot believe this time next week I will be a married woman after an 8 year engagment!!

  • am90am90 Posts: 54

    oh wow, that must be exciting, i can't imagine reaching 7 days it seems to be coming round so quickly, i don't notice how quickly until i log into yayw.

    i hope all goes well for your day and you get lots of lovely pampering next week and the weather stays as beautiful as it is ximage


  • Hey - AM90 - You are a 29th Bride too - how long have you been planning! I am with you on the emotional side of things - last week I was crying at the smallest thing. H2B did not know what was going on at one point!!!! 

    My main issues are people at the moment - at a time when you need them they dont seem to be there... (just a little rant). 

    Crowlady - WOW - Good luck for next week.... super exciting. Let us know how you get on and any tips you might have! 



  • Will do!All the best for your big days too, hope all goes superbly!!

    My OH and I are going out for a last "Date night" tonight, although we will be with friends, feels strange its our last night out together unmarried!! xx

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