Is it just me or are you becoming jealous?

Seriously, I'm getting pangs- it's like I'm mourning the loss of my wedding Planning! It's been years in the making of the ideas that would make our big day and suddenly it's 20 days til the big day and what on earth am I meant to do now?! I'm looking at people's beautiful invitations and their dresses and getting very jealous indeed! Am I the only one?


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    im jealous you're only 19 days away!!!! can't wait to be there....only another 302 days until im you image
  • No, it's a moment of sadness because I have to leave you all soon. It's happy because it's so soon to the moment when I say I do but the joy of discovering the people I've worked with is almost over. It set in once I picked up my dress and felt like this was it. Kind of all over but not! Very weird in between bit! I don't think I honestly believe that I am getting married so I think that might be a bit of it!
  • Aw, totally get where you coming from. Part of me is sad that my day is only 5 weeks away.. because it'll soon be over, no more planning..
  • I'm the opposite. I'm jealous that you are so close and can see all your plans come together. I'm not getting married until July 2014 and I just really want to have everything sorted. I'll probably feel the same when it gets closer as I've loved every minute of it so far. 

  • I'm in two halves...SO jealous of the girls who still have their weddings to look forward to, but so relieved to not have to do it again! I ADORED wedding planning, and have been like you, years in the making, but when my sister asked me the next day if I was sad that it was over, my answer was NO! next stage of life please, i'm never doing that again!!xxx

  • The next stage isn't always the  easiest. Is it job or babies? My job has evolved with my taking on of student teachers but babies seem like a very big step! I am lucky in that two of my best friends are getting hitched next year so I can put my wedding research into play and help them but it's not my wedding!!!! Gah!!! How much psychoanalysis! I never expected to get married- I wanted to be but the actual process of becoming someone's wife seems very big! I remember when one of my lecturers once mentioned that I was an adult and it shocked me! It's very much like that!!! Does no one else feel this way? *Thinking of sectioning self!*

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    oh melodymaker you've hit the nail on the head for me but for me getting married is almost the moment i think i will finally be/ feel like an adult and i can't wait. you'll just have to start planning what you'll do for your first anniversary to keep you busy or as you said BABIES! and then you'll definitely have to come back on here and be part of the baby team. hope you don't need sectioning otherwise a lot of us are in trouble hehe
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    Bless you MM.

    I feel no loss about the planning. I have enjoyed it and hope I will have the most wonderful of days but I am looking forward to being actually married and not having sleepless nights over colours, socks and other random wedding things!

    I do find it strange seeing my married name though and like you thinking about being a Mrs is very grown up! image

  • 4 days for me and I will be very happy to stop worrying over every little detail!! The last month has been quite stressful even though I'm a super organised person, I think its constant questions and expectations, first wedding in my family for 8 years and first in OH family for 15 years!!!

    Anyway MM, christmas is not far away, something else to keep us busy!! xx

  • I wasn't engaged for very long compared to most people here (proposed January 14th, wedding October 13th) and had been with Future Mr Uglybuffy over 11 years, the last 3 of which were spent hoping he would propose so I was always more "why can't it be October now?!"  Future Mr Uglybuffy and I were out for a walk yesterday and talking about fun things for us to plan for when we are married, so we have stuff to look forward to!  And I plan to stick around, giving wise advice with the benefit of hindsight!!

  • Uglybuffy we are date twins image Ours was a whirlwind engagement too - March 16th Engaged - 13 October - wedding day.

  • Cool! What time are you getting married?  I will send you good thoughts on the day!

  • 1pm ceremony image

  • I have 96 days left and although I have loved planning it, I am looking forward to no longer worrying about all those little things that keep me awake at night! I do think it will be strange after though as it has been such a big part of my life for the last year, especially with a few diy projects that have kept me busy! image

  • You can help plan my wedding aftter yours if your having post planning blues lol
  • You'll be married an hour before me then!  At that time I will be waiting for my car to arrive!

  • I've enjoyed planning but I'm really just looking forward to being married and starting a family, so I think I'll be OK once it's all over. I know I'll still be reading all about other people's planning, though!

  • Not me, I was married 2 weeks ago, loved it but that was just a wedding, yes it was fun and we had a great time but it was just one day and we've got our whole lives ahead of us, stop thinking about the day and think about why you're marrying your h2b, that's what's important, not flowers or dresses or invitations

  • I totally agree Heliganeden-  it's not about the wedding, it's about the marriage. To be honest, I cannot envisage how married life can make our relationship any better than it is now- we are the best of friends and I guess if you believe in soul mates then the picture above that definition would be P and me. Maybe that's the issue! I know there will be no second wedding!! One chance to get it right! I am really enjoying the fact that my kids are starting to call me by my married name at school and I can't wait to be his wife.


  • i totally understand where your coming from. I miss doing all of the planning and definately miss trying on all the beautiful dresses. But I am so glad that ive only got 4 days left, it feels like i have been planning this wedding for ages and i cant wait until our big day.


  • I got married on Friday and glad the planning is all over and we can relax as a married couple now. yes i enjoyed the planning and the big day was amazing, we now have 3 weeks before our honeymoon. Although as we had the babies before the wedding we are enjoying just relaxing with our little family image

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