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3 days to go eekk

OMG i've got three days to go until i get married and im so excited, im sat at work finding it very difficult to concentrate. Everyones looking at me like im wierd (mainly a male work place)

Also bit peeved off as one of our guests has posted on twitter that they cant wait for this week to be over- roll on monday. TBH i find this really distrespectfull as if they didnt want to come to our wedding why would they write something like that, surely they should be happy for us?


  • awww bless you BE EXCITED.. twitter twit is what I say don't worry you will LOVE your day xxxx I had people cancelling at the last minute then rebooking, and then cancelling, ( and some of these were family ! ) The poor table planner was on off, on off, it was so funny now when I look back, but stressful at the time.. however, all will work out juuuuust fine.. relax and be excited all at the same time eh? awww bless you xxxx image   have a WONDERFUL Day !! xxxx

  • How exciting, have a wonderful day and dont let any silly people burst your happy wedding bubble image x

  • Us too, we're getting married on Saturday. I finished work yesterday so spent today getting my nails done, ironing and practising my make up and hair again! Then from tomorrow we're setting up the marquee!

  • Friday for me!! Just come back from the wedding rehearsal which was brilliant! Tomorrow is my nails and ironing morning, then my lovely bridesmaids will be with me from lunchtime, Friday cannot come quick enough!!!

  • Yeahy!! i no i try not to pay any attention to people like that, in the end im marrying my man and thats all that matters!!

    I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow Crowlady. I cant believe how quickly this has all come around.

    Im still at work today and i cant concentrate still, im just too excited. my lovely girls at work have decorated my desk with balloons and marriage posters its so lovely.

  • I had my nails and ironing day yesterday hehe - glad others are doing the same! We're about to get access to the venue so got piles of stuff waiting to take over, then can set up today/tomorrow and have lots of family coming down tomorrow and staying the whole weekend. 

  • Me tooo!! Can't believe its on Saturday!  Today was my ironing and nails day lol.  Got all the flowers for the bouquets and table flowers today. Off for an epic wax session tomrrow morning then setting up the venue tomorrow evening.  

    Bless you linzi1987, I was the same on tuesday which was my last day.  Couldn't concentrate at all! And I too work in a male dominated office so they too didnt understand!

    Good luck everybody!


  • Good Luck everyone getting married today xxxx Awwwww   sending big happy wedding blessings to you all !!

    Tish x


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