In exactly 2 weeks I will be married by now ahhh! 

Need to print off the order of services this weekend, my parents said they were doing it today but apparently it's tomorrow now, I hope it will be!

Booking my nails on monday to be done day before wedding

Seeing vicar on Thursday for final appointment and to arrange the rehearsal
Then having wedding make-up trial done by MOH and poss. hair and looking for bridesmaid shoes with her

Still need to sort out when I'm picking up my dress, which i'm delaying as much as possible.

Next monday, got my 12 week scan to see our baby for first time :O

Then the next day having a meal at my brother's and sister-in-law's for pre-wedding/scan reveal.

Think that's everything!?

Earlier I was sitting on my bed on my own just smiling with excitement!!

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