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So how is everyone feeling after their Sept wedding?

Hi all,

Been quiet since the weddings have happened so thought I'd message just to see how everyone is! 

I love being a Mrs and after nearly 7 years it really is like when we first met! Probably a cliche but it's lovely to be married and definitely feels different. 

I am however, finding it difficult to get back to 'normal' life. I am sure it used to be more interesting than this image 

I am waiting for my professional photos as my computer corrupted and lost all the ones my friend took on my camera! I am sure I will feel more positive once I get to see pictures. 

Hope you are all well and settling into married life!



  • Me too. Waiting on the professional pictures and am excited to kind of relive it again through them. Things do feel different in a really good way and the day was just so fantastic it all seems to have been worth it. Slightly odd having no crazy crafting projects or blogs to browse on through but still like a sneaky peek at RMW now and again. Why a fabulous set of weddings we all seemed to have!
  • it now feels like our wedding was a life time ago. we have our pprofessional photos & nw have the dreaded task off picking the wedding album. we also got out dvd back which we watched with the bridal party & lots of tears. i am so glad i got one as i really re-lived the day

    i have settled back into normal life well, planning & getting the kids christmas present has kept me busy i think image


  • MrsKGtoBMrsKGtoB Posts: 286

    Yes, also feeling like the wedding was a loooong time ago. Currently missing the planning and build up. I didn't get the post wedding blues straight after, as we got our photos back and that was all exciting plus my new husband (hurrah!) was working from Leeds (had been working in London so didn't see much of each other) and normal hours for October and most of last month, so that was lovely and definitely a bit of a newly wed glow going on.

    However - feels like we are back to "normal" now. Trying to find new blogs that are not wedding related at present! Quite like Florence Finds if that is of interest to other September brides in need of a blog image

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Mrs KGtoB (or MrsKG!)

    How are you? It is very quiet on here in terms of Sept brides. I don't come on as often but miss the chatter! 

    I shall check out Florence finds. Trying to wean myself off the wedding stuff but wandering about doing a report first! 


  • Hi everyone, im a bit up and down, had major blues after, partly because i miss being so busy with the planning, secondly as since the wedding i have had two occasions where family members on both parents sides have contacted me and gave me abuse for only inviting them at night (bearing in mind i havent seen them in over 11years) first occasion was the morning after the wedding and the other on xmas day. so that kind sucks!!

    other than that, im loving married life, kinda feels like were a bit more in love - corny but true! hubby said to me today he thinks im much better looking since the wedding - compliment in there somewhere!!



  • CrowLadyCrowLady Posts: 151

    I miss you all too, don't be a stranger, I miss our chats!!! xxx

  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    Hey, I popped back on here to see if anyone was still here! Can't believe its been four months since the wedding, and I definitely felt like there was 'you and your wedding shaped hole' in my life once the wedding was over.

    Glad you are all loving being a 'MRS', have you got used to your surname yet? I'm just about there.

    Hope you all had fab first married christmas' and if there are any September bride babies do tell! x

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    kye83, vintage.bride and CrowLady- what a coincidence you all posted in last few days. I was just thinking about the Sept ladies last night!

    How are you all?

    I am loving being married and am used to my name. I have one more credit card to change and my passport (currently the DVLA have my marriage certificate and I have been putting off my passport because of cost) and then I am all new named!

    I am still on here occasionally (although more recently as I decided to do a report in the end) but definitely need to find something new to focus on.

    No baby shapes from me. And not for a while I don't think. But agree would definitely like to hear more updates from any ladies still around at all, x

  • Hello!! I'm loving being married and have had no wedding blues at allimage I was just relieved to get some normality back! We are starting try try for mini Maynes in Feb so that has kept my mind occupied I thinkimage
  • MrsKGtoBMrsKGtoB Posts: 286

    Happy New Year, lovely September ladies! How was the first married Christmas? we did what we always did (time equally divided between both sets of parents - le husband didn't want to go solo image) but it was good all the same. And we had a great new year's dancing to old school hiphop and funk with a whole new year of being married to enjoy.

    I have just about got used to being Mrs G now, although changing my name at work has caused all manner of confusion! I have my passport in new name (added my maiden name to be  a 2nd middle name) but still need to do my bank cards and driving licence.

    Exciting news about babies! We are going on official honeymoon on 25th March, so obvs won't be trying before then but the plan is to give it a whirl from the end of May. Eeeeeek.... Honeymoon planning has filled wedding planning gap for time being.

    In other exciting news, our photographer submitted our photos to a wedding blog and they were accepted, so have been reliving the wedding by filling in the questionnaire. Not sure if it will definitely get published, but if it does will link on here.

    Off to read your report now, SadSack!


  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    Awww, lots of lovely ladies on here, and the potential of mini september folk in the not too distant future. We have a friends wedding in Italy to attend next August so had always said no trying for babies before then, but its that the baby cannot arrive before Feb 2014 as that is when we can re-mortgage and take some pennies off our payments to offset my not working! We actually went looking at new cars on Sunday (now that we have money after the wedding) and its weird because i'm thinking 'family car' (dog and child) and hubs is thinking something slightly less 'family car', I just don't see the point in having to buy two new cars in a reasonably short space of time!

    Mrs KG I am so excited about your potential blog post, your photos were gorgeous so i'm not surprised someone wants them.

    And Sadsack I have not yet looked at your report but I am definitely going to do so as I would love to see all you details in one place.

    Glad everyone had wonderful first married christmas', my favourite bit was all the cards to 'daughter and son-in-law', I even got one to 'neice and husband' which was so cute, and of course the 'wife' card! Although the best one was that my birthday was just after our honeymoon and we had been for a rowing lession in a gondola, my OH managed to find a card to 'wife' that had mice rowing a gondola, such a special card to treasure now.

    Anyhow enough waffling! xx

  • Thought id share some things with you, we were blogged by one of my friends who has a wedding blog -

    Also by our dj -

    Also a wee funny video of me and one of our ushers dancing, with my muother in law joining in, will give you a giggle!! -

  • well i thought i would pop back on see it there is any new threads image

    we are currently thinking about baby number 2, and actually going to start trying at end off january, very excited. I am now away to read your reports image

  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205

    Hey everyone... so nice to hear from you all. I am hardly on here, i had to cut the ties after the wedding else I never would have.

    Had a fab married Xmas, getting used to being Mrs Lane now and changed most of my documents etc.

    I seem to be surrounded by people having babies which is making me even less maternal than before, which is saying something so no baby news here Im afraid.

    Off to Vegas for my best mate's bday in March which is what has got me and hub through any potential empty feeling after all the planning.

    My troublesome bridesmaid, who some of you may have heard from, reared her ugly head again in Oct and AGAIN brought up issues about our wedding. I was a tad hurt she announced she was off to the 'wedding of the year' on FB a few weeks after being bridesmaid for me and then she went off on one when i posted the comment 'ahem?'!! I was trying to remind her she was at my wedding 2 weeks before but it erupted and sadly was quite nasty again. So we havent spoken since Oct and cant see us making it up. Thankfully it didnt happy before the wedding but it is sad. I dont fall out with people, I avoid conflict so this was tough for me but after a while you can pretend to someone that they dont upset you fairly often. There was far more to it than just the FB comment but I wont bore you with the details.

    Anyway lovely to catch up with you all. It was lovely looking at the reports which have been posted.

    Oh and I forgot, we had our wedding in a magazine! Not a glossy mag but i sold our story to Pick me up... easy few hundred quid to spend on something nice... I havent actually seen it yet but it was out this month. Im off to find a copy!


  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Mrslane2be! You're back! 

    I completely understand the tie thing. I am going to finish my report and then leave too. I just find myself wishing I could do the day again and actually it's all about the marriage now! 

    Sorry to hear about your friend. 

    I shall look out for you in Pick Me Up! A magazine feature - go you! 

  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582

    Genius idea Mrs Lane and welcome back! Your wedding, much the same as all the other September brides was beautiful! I so surpised the other day when I was google mapping my husbands London office to find that its right opposite your beautiful wedding venue. Made me think of you!

  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205

    Ah thanks Kye! Your wedding looked amazing! I think us Sept brides all did a good job! 

    I just posted a pick of the article on my report page if you want to see?

  • MrsKGtoBMrsKGtoB Posts: 286

    Hey September ladies - our wedding did indeed appear on Boho Weddings! If anyone would like a look at the photos and a whole lot of commentary from me, the link is:


  • just noticed i posted on this thread 08/01/13 saying we were trying for baby number 2, well i got caught VERY QUICKLY and have just found out we are expecting baby number 2 image

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