Forum home Archived I got married in September 2013

i have just brought my wedding dress for 2013

image i cant believe i just brought my wedding dress !!! it may seem a bit premature but you know they say when you see the dress of of your dreams well i have so i brought it image


  • Hi kerryann

    I also am a 2013 bride and I bought my dress yesterday. I had a dress in mind but was browsing ebay and saw the one.

    You just get a tingly feeling when you know. I managed to bag mine for £55 so more money to spend on shoes yayyy!!

    I had a cheaky look at your profile and sounds like you have a great location. We will have to swap & share ideas as we go along
  • Oooh Im getting married late 2012 and bought my dress in July, just a month after getting engaged! Lol

    Which dress did you get?!

  • Wow u ladies are organized, I am getting married September 2012 and bought my dressed last week, I had many comments on how it was early and I must be really organized (which I am not lol) hope you are all enjoying your planning! image
  • My £55 ebay bargain image

    Not at all traditional but perfect for my french wedding.
  • Deekel I'm so glad you bought that dress it is unbelievably stunning!!
  • that dress is gorgeous x

    can i ask did you have an idea of what you wanted before you looked/bought?? For someone who was "never getting married" the thought of buying a wedding dress terrifies me image xxx
  • i bought my dress with 2 year until then wedding and some people said that i might change my mind about it.... but it was the best thing ive done and ive loved it more and more as time goes on and i just cant wait to wear it.... so congrats on finding your dress image its a fantastic feeling knowing that you found the one image
  • I've just bought mine too image Nicola Anne Sardinia, I love her! My bridal shop lady said us 2013 brides are the most organised!
  • mrsroe2bmrsroe2b Posts: 131
    I bought mine Summer 2010 for my September 2013 wedding image

    Bought it on preloved I think - unworn Maggie Sottero Vonda for £300 image Fits like a glove, just need to get it taken up 'cos I'm a short-ass.

    Everyone thought I was mad buying it but tbh I just thought to heck with it, I like it, and it's something I don't have to worry about any more!

    I've also got my tiara, shoes, and two veils! Oh and a second, short dress to change into in the evening for partying!

  • Mrsroe2be - I love Maggie dresses! Would u totally recommend this website? That's an amazing bargain u nabbed!
  • jot1982jot1982 Posts: 128
    I thought it was too early to look for dresses for my sept 2013 wedding.

    You guys have persuaded me to start my search image
  • I bought mines last sep for my wedding 2013.

    It's Maggie sottero Giselle, should be in store May or June, now to convince myself that it will b better stored there so I don't wear it all the time image x
  • linda4361linda4361 Posts: 7
    Well, we all must all be organised Brides in 2013.......I get married May 2013 and bought my dress last month too. You just know when you see the dress for you
  • Im getting married on the 7th Sept 2013 and brought my beautiful Sophia Tolli Allanah dress last month image sooo excited!!!


  • I'm getting married 15th September and bought my stunning Sophia Tolli babett dress a few weeks ago after much searching for the "one" this was it. I was staying go panic though as I went to a show where people were buying for 2014 asking whyI haven't got mine yet. So glad it's sorted image
  • I'm a September 7th bride and my dress has arrived!!

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