Save The Date/Invitations????

Hi girls!

I'm getting married 14th September at Lumley Castle and I'm already ordering bits and pieces so that I'm not overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do!

I'm making scrolls (carrying on the castle theme a bit) and thinking of sending them out in September then following with the proper invitations around February 2013.

I'm worried that I'll be sending them out too early but I want people to have plenty of notice incase they need to use Holidays to have the day off etc

When are you sending them out?

Thanks image



  • Hey image

    Im getting married 6th September 2013.

    Was thinking of sending out save the date in March this year (It gives people 18 months notice) as we are getting married on a Friday, also it will be in school term time so parents will have to sort out holidays for them

    I was unsure if March was too early but people will have to book the day off work

    A year in advance isn't too soon and people will want to know details sooner rather than later image

    Good Luck

  • We did ours for march too, it's Friday 20th and we has to reserve two village hotels for everyone so wanted to get everyone sorted early.xx
  • Ooooh! I wanted to know the answer to 'when to send the save the dates' out too.

    We're getting married on Friday the 13th of september at one o clock, and its around abouts the week the kids go back to school, and as most of our family are teachers/TA's/have kids we need to let them know asap so they can get the time off.

    We're thinking of sending out personalised fridge magnets in July this year before end of term so people can get there holidays in.

    I love the idea of save the date scrolls it sounds really lovely! image
  • Hmm probably wont send save the dates til christmas if at all...! im just a tad worried that friendships change quite a lot over time and our numbers are massive already. the people who are must haves and who will definately be that way in 18 months know already when it is (we are also having a friday)x
  • Mrs_H_2BMrs_H_2B Posts: 214
    Im getting married 7th September and have chosen save the date magnets from vista print. I am trying really hard to wait as I think it is too early! Think I am only giving them to family as not many friends are coming to the day event due to having such a big family. Really want to send them now!!!!
  • mrsroe2bmrsroe2b Posts: 131
    We're getting married September the 7th too, and we've got our save the date magnets from Vistaprint.

    I'm so itching to send them out now!! But, we're going to send them out right at the start of December with xmas cards to save on postage and envelopes etc. Wedding is a Saturday and they'll have plenty of time to book up places to stay etc.

    image x
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    I'm getting married this September but sent out save the dates last July. It was because the new holidays go on sale shortly after that and we had people asking when it was so they could book time off work if needed (it on a Saturday so not such an issue) but they also wanted to book their own holidays too. But like one of the other ladies said be careful who you send them to as friendships change. We sent one to a couple who we now haven't actually spoken to since April last year. I don't know what to do now as everytime we arrange to see them they cancel at the last minute and don't return phone calls. Its not just us they are doing it to but all our mutual friends. I now don't know if we want to invite them to the whole wedding because if they don't show up its approx £200 wasted for them and their son. image Edited to say, we are sending our invites at the end of this month.
  • jot1982jot1982 Posts: 128
    I'm getting married on the 14th sept 2013 and will send them out a year before to give

    People a year to prepare!

    Found a lady on Facebook who does great prices on wedding bits image
  • GiddyDuckGiddyDuck Posts: 154
    I'm plaaning 28th of september 2013 , I'm thinking of sending them asap

    just as I have far afield family.
  • jot1982jot1982 Posts: 128
    I'm getting married 14th September 2013 and will be sending out save the date magnets this September image
  • charlieleyacharlieleya Posts: 614
    Yay I have a date twin! ThimbleDreamer I thought I was going to be the only Friday the 13th bride!

    I was a bit premature and sent our save the date magnets out in our Christmas cards, but at least we saved on postage!

    Will probably send our proper invitations out next March x
  • rocco2012rocco2012 Posts: 67
    We have just booked our wedding for 16/9/13 in cyprus! Whilst i was there i bought my save the dates and invitations..i got what are supposed to be book marks with a picture of fig tree bay beach (where we are getting married) and 3d postcards for the invitations! I LOVE them as i think they will be very original! I am planning on sending the save the dates in the next month or so, so that our guests have a lot of notice with it being abroad and then the invitations will follow a few months prior to the wedding!
  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868
    Im a 13th september birde too - i also thought this was going to be a date that was avoided!

    My save the dates are almost ready so by end of July i will send them out. They are a characature seaside post card style and are hilarious!

    Invites i was thinking March/april 2013.
  • when are people sending out invites? And when are you buying them?

  • Messy2beMessy2be Posts: 151
    Im getting married on 12th Sept in Turkey. Ive just finished making my save the dates & hope to have them out by the end of the week. I'm going to give it 2/3 months& then start making the invites & hopefully have them sent out just before Christmas, then 6 months after that I'll send the evening reception invites out for next October image


    Carly x
  • Anyone getting married 19th September 2013. I dont no when to send the invites out being its a thursday so people need to get 2days off but then i dont know if numbers will change...

    What does everyone else think?


  • Woohoo im glad theres other 13/09/13 brides out there image we've decided to send the save the dates out just after christmas (just in case people lose them in the run up and on xmas day- very hectic time!) we're going to sent the offical invites out in may image eeep so exciting!

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