What have all of you Sept 2013 brides done so far???

Hi ladies!

I went out to cyprus on 10th may and booked our wedding whilst i was there! We are getting married on 16th sept 2013 at 4.15pm!

So far i have:

Booked the registrar

Booked flights and accomodation

Bought my dress

Paid deposit on venue (which comes off food bill)

Paid a deposit for my wedding planner

Paid deposit for wedding package which includes :-


Cake stand & knife


My bouquet

2 bridesmaids bouquets

4 button holes

2 corsages

Table decorations



Bottle of champagne for toast

Place cards


Although i am made up that i have got such a good package (at a great price!), i kind of feel as though theres not much i can do until i get out there. I cant decide i i love this or hate it haha

How are the rest of sept 13's brides getting on?? Xx


  • Bethaniee1Bethaniee1 Posts: 73
    I'm getting married on the 7th September 2013 and so far have booked the ceremony venue, reception venue and photographer image
  • I'm also getting married on 7th September 2013 image I've booked the ceremony and reception venues, registrar and photographer. They are the only things booked but I've got quotes for the flowers and cake.

    I've also purchased the bridesmaids dresses and ties for the boys and bought a voucher from Groupon for Lovely Favours for the invites so will be sorting save the dates and invites soon
  • TobeMrsBTobeMrsB Posts: 122
    I'm another 7th sept 2013 bride and we have booked venue, registrar, cars, photographer and ordered our rings yesterday. Going dress shopping in august and cannot wait!
  • jot1982jot1982 Posts: 128
    We are getting married on the 14th September 2013.

    We have booked the venue, the photographer,the photobooth, magicians,.

    Also brought the rings as we got a fantastic deal at a local jewellers.

    Still feel like we have so much left to do and time is going fast!
  • starfish43starfish43 Posts: 98
    We're getting married on the 28th September 2013. We've booked the venue, registrar and photographer and have starting to get quotes for all the other things, venue decorations, cake etc. I've been to a few dress shops, not yet found 'the one' but will be making it my mission to find it during July and August. I've been told in 3 different shops that prices go up and some lines get discontinued each September so I want to have my dress ordered beforee then.
  • Im getting married on September 21st. So far we've booked venue, photographer, band. Got quotes for caterer, bar and looking into flowers soon.
  • Im also 7 September and have booked venue and registrar, shortlisting photographer at the mo but think I know who we will go for soon.

    is Sept the changeover for next season's dresses then?
  • charlieleyacharlieleya Posts: 614
    Hi, I'm getting married on 13th September and it looks like I've done loads already although it doesn't feel like it because I've got nothing to show for it yet!

    We've booked the venue and caterers

    Booked a harpist

    Ordered my dress

    Ordered BM dresses

    Ordered bouquets

    Booked photographer and Videographer

    Booked wedding night hotel

    Ordered the cake

    Bought card to make invitations

    Booked appointment to give notice

    Bought my shoes

    Arranged family members to do car and DJ-ing!

    I think that's it!
  • charlieleya wrote (see)
    Hi, I'm getting married on 13th September and it looks like I've done loads already although it doesn't feel like it because I've got nothing to show for it yet!

    We've booked the venue and caterers
    Booked a harpist
    Ordered my dress
    Ordered BM dresses
    Ordered bouquets
    Booked photographer and Videographer
    Booked wedding night hotel
    Ordered the cake
    Bought card to make invitations
    Booked appointment to give notice
    Bought my shoes
    Arranged family members to do car and DJ-ing!

    I think that's it!

    I'd love a harpist. Can I be cheeky and ask you how much yo're paying?

  • Updated......

    Booked: Venue




    Bar (not had confirmation though - they seem useless)


  • KatieJo2013KatieJo2013 Posts: 102

    I am also 7th September 2013, obviously a popular date! We have booked our venue, booked a harpist for the ceremony, a string trio for the breakfast and bought the bridesmaids dresses. I have every other detail of the whole day planned I'm ridiculously organised just haven't made the purchases yet! x

  • Hi there

    I am getting married in Cyprus on 11th September 2013.  So far I have booked my 11 night stay, wedding package, ceremony venue, photographer.  I have my dress, shoes, earrings and am currently sorting out my flowers. reception venue and looking for bridesmaid, flower girl dresses and colours for the groom and co.

    I love all the planning and hoping I dont do it all quick and then have nothing left to do lol image


  • I'm getting married in Gretna on Friday 13th. Unlucky for some but I love that date! We booked a package down there so I'm just looking around for nice finishing touches to the day and beginning to plan the reception we are having on 21st September!
  • rocco2012rocco2012 Posts: 67
    I'm thinking exactly the same lagoonbridetobe. I feel like I cant really do too much more now though until we actually get to Cyprus! Cant wait to get out there and get organising it. Where abouts in Cyprus are you getting married? Are you using a planner? Aww you get married 5 days before me ????
  • Hi rocco2012

    I'm getting marring in the Olympic lagoon resort! I'm quite gutted because I love all the planning and organising and there's not much more I can do...it's torture lol I've just booked the reception venue which is also on the resort but I'm waiting to find out if I can get confirmation of the time of the ceremony! Driving me crazy....arrrrgh!! It's so exciting though, I just seen in an earlier post that your very organised with everything, where are you getting married? We fly home the day before yours xxx
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I'm a Sept 2012 bride and just wanted to say enjoy all the planning - it whizzs by! I joined these boards in 2009 and watched my ticker get nearer and nearer and now my countdown says 74 days!

    Don't sweat the small things and worry what other people are doing in terms of being more/less organised! you'll all get there at the same time in the end!

    Happy planning! 

  • rocco2012rocco2012 Posts: 67
    Yes ive done loads but thats because the majority of whats been done is in my package! Usually i am last minute with everything! Im glad i used a planner for peace of mind and the fact its easier but i also wish i had more to do!

    Oh very nice..i looked at olympic too and nearly picked it. Have you booked through a tour operater and thats why you're waiting for confirnation? I was lucky in that respect as i flew out to Cyprus in May to see the hotel and meet some planners who secured the date and time in front of me! image
  • Hiya

    Yes we've booked with Thomas cook with the stay and the wedding package. I have confirmation of my date but they won't give me a time for the ceremony due to the chance of change which I think is quite unnerving!!

    We requested 3pm but I don't mind a little earlier. I was wondering whether I should have booked the wedding straight through the hotel aswell as in my Thomas cook package I have 24 photos, but I have already booked a photographer....this was my main issue and a big priority so I researched my own and found a great one. I emailed the TC coordinator to see if they can exchange the 24 photos for something else but they said no because they book and pay the photographer in advance!! Hmmmm how true this can be when they can't confirm a time is baffling!!

    Plus I may be taking artificial flowers so I won't need te flowers but this is not such an issue...never mind it's still all good and exciting!! And yes it's going to go so quick!!

    I bet that was nice coming home with your wedding booked!! Ideal xx
  • rocco2012rocco2012 Posts: 67
    Yes it was great!! I heard similar things about tour operators not giving you a time until you get out there. I dont really understand why as the planner rang and confirmed the date and time right in front of me! Im using medweds who are one of the main suppliers of decoration in cyprus so im hoping it will all be fab, espescially my flowers and cake! Good luck anyway x
  • Messy2beMessy2be Posts: 151
    I'm getting married in Turkey on the 12th! So far I have my dress and I part way through making my save the dates! I've booked the venue for the party when we get home but that's about it image I'm taking it easy!! X
  • Seems like everything is prepared all you have to do is follow up all the things you have scheduled 3 months before the wedding in order to keep things in track for your preparation.

  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    I am glad to see so many other organised people! I keep getting comments that we "have done nearly everything" although it doesn't feel like that but everyone on here seems to be on the same wavelength so I dont feel like we have done too much too soon now! So far we have booked the church, venue (which includes dj) photographer/cars/florist all booked with deposits and save the date cards made and sent! I havent even touched a dress yet though so got that search to look forward to in the next couple of months!!

  • Feeling quite organised now, the venue, florist, videographer, photographer, pianist, minister, and band are all booked.

    Hoping to find the caterer and bridesmaid dress this weekend.

    Bought my dress and worked out my alterations person, also got my hoop, veil, tiara and shoes.

    Save the dates are going out on Monday, and I have the card blanks for the invites bought too.

    Once I have the bridesmaid's dress sorted, I'll know my colours and then I can seriously get cracking.

  • Gosh, I'm getting married on 28th September 2013, and all I have done is the church and venue, no other arrangements even thought about yet, this I'd making me realise I need to get my act together! Going to go to first ever wedding fayre today so hopefully will get more ideas!! Anyone got any tips, recommendations for wedding services in lancs - Manchester areas???
  • I'm getting married 14th September 2013. I have booked the venue and made a list of local accommodation. After reading these posts I am feeling quite unorganised!!

    I am from Manchester but getting married in Wales. Do you think it is ok to send out save the dates with a list of local hotels etc? Accommodation could be an issue if people do not book early!! image
  • Im getting married on the 19th september and im feeling the panic set in all ready with the fact we are under the year mark... its a little worrying.

    We have booked, the venue, the registrar, i have made my own bunting to go around the marquee. got the table numbers got few bits and bobs to decorate. wedding photographer. looking for florists this week. But i just dont feel like iv done enough. maybe because i havnt got my dress yet... but i dont want to try them on until i have lost the weight so was going to try it on in january...is this pushing it?

    So many people are organised....


  • We have booked the venue, booked the registrar, booked appt to give notice and have arranged dress trying on sessions for a few weeks time!

    I don't feel panicked and i'm sure for us and all other September Brides & Grooms the planning will all come together!

    We are only having 16 people at our wedding and wish for a quite informal day so less pressure and less people to sort out/interfere! image

  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    All I've done is book the venue and registrar! But I forgive myself because I only got engaged a month ago. Emailing caterers now, got a lovely response from one so really hoping to go with her as she sounds so lovely and really helpful. But who knows how it will work out? I've booked to go and look at dresses too, but that's it so far!
  • Wow some of you ladies are super organised! We are getting married on the 7th September 2013. We have booked the church, receptions venue, currently comparing catering and marquee quotes, have decided on my dress and bridesmaid dresses but yet to order. Have started making enquires about photographers. We only got engaged in September this year and I am becoming increasingly aware that we have less than a year to do everything. Eeek!

  • Oh MrsF2b2 I am so glad I am not the only one! Good luck with your caterer!

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