Hen Party!

Hi All,

I am getting married on 21st September 2013, and looking at having my hen party on 19th July 2013.

Firstly, do you have any ideas and secondly what budget whould you suggest?

I was looking at going abroad for 2 nights which is coming out at £250pp is this to expensive?

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • There are loads of things you could do but it really depends on what you enjoy/ what kind of thing you're after. For example you could have a spa day, paint plates, make cupcakes/ perfume/ bath salts/ cocktails/ jewellery. Or you could learn to pole dance, or burlesque dance. You could go paintballing, white-water rafting, go-karting etc. In the evening you could go for a nice meal & have some cocktails, you could go to a nightclub, you could go & see strippers. Or you could just rent a cottage, play some games, have some good food, drink & company, do a murder mystery.  There are so many options! The World is your oyster.

    Budget is also q a difficult one to answer. For some people £250 would be perfectly reasonable, for others £250 is a huge amount of money and would mean they didn't feel able to go. If I were you I'd ask the people you want to come. It will also depend on whether they could pay in installments or not.

    Sorry this hasn't been hugely helpful but I think really the only people who can really answer these are you & your friends! Hope I've at least given you some ideas.

  • Does the ??250 include any activities? If it's ??250 for accomodation and flights, it might be a lot to ask for two nights, depending on what you want to do when you get there. If you are gonna chill by a pool during the day then go to bars at night it might be reasonable as you won't spend a lot in the days but if you want to do anything such as a spa or cocktail making you are prob adding another ??40 before people factor in food, drinks etc. If you do one thing each day, people will prob be spending nearer ??350 before you get there, so it really depends what you are looking for. Could you get three nights for that price? Flights can be cheaper thurs - sun/mon than flying out on Friday and coming back Sunday.

    Also end of July is beginning of the holidays. Could you go a week earlier? (this of course doesn't work if any of your hens are teachers)
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