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I get married September 2013, I have sorted most stuff, just thinking what favours I could have for some the children I have coming to mine wedding?

Also what entertainment I could have for an hour between meal and eveing reception?



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    a friend of mine did a table for children with lots of goodies on it - like colouring books , felts etc.. sweets , party poppers, little jigsaws , playing cards etc.... disposable cameras ( children sometimes get the best natural piccies)


    i just asked my son aged 10 ( off sick at mo ) what he would want to see as a favour for children , and he replied wudnt be bothered id have my ds or ipod !image


    for the hour inbetween you could just have some nice music playing - i suppose it depends what you are having in the evening and what you are into .


    magician ?




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    Hope your son gets better soon

  • I have a 2 and 3 year old coming to ours, and I've done goodybags with Colouring books, pencil crayons (thought felt tips would be a mistake!), bubbles, stickers, plasticine and reading books in there.

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    How did you get the count down to come on like that?

  • I'm planning to do the same as Hannah.. a little goody bag with pencils coloouring book etc and like the idea of giving them cameras too, nice way to make them feel involved in the big day! 

  • I just ordered a shed load of little goodies for the under 10 yr olds that are coming to ours - found an amazing website and got totally spoilt for choice with selection, and so cheap!! http://www.kidspartytime.co.uk/party-bag-fillers. The best thing is you buy individual items from about 10p each or buy their pre-selected packs.

    I've spent £20 inc postage on bags for 11 gold paper bags and about 4-5 items in each including activity books, stickers, pinball games, bead sets, playing cards, candy necklaces, etc etc.

    I don't have kids myself so my only issue is the tweenies - will 10 to 13 year olds be too grown up for toys and sweets? Got 8 of this age group coming and not sure whether to just give them the chocolate favours that the adults are getting?


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