2013 Brides: Going to quick?

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I'm getting a little panicky tonight as I've realised we only have the bridesmaids/groomsmen outfits, invites and ceremony 'stuff' to sort out. Everything else has been booked and paid for, and in January it'll be a year since we started planning for this wedding and booked the reception, things are going to quick im enjoying it way to much! Is anyone else finding this??


I've also planned a weekened at newcastle with the bridal party in January to go to a bridal show and perhaps dress/ underwear shopping and a suprise spa day for the girls. I'm going to miss the planning when the weddings over image


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    Hi ThimbleDreamer  yes I agree time's flying by we booked last January too and I thought so much time but now we've only got 4 and a bit months to go.  Venue and registrars are booked Bridemaid and best womans dresses are sorted and photographer and cake lady is booked but that's about it lol  there's a problem with my dress I ordered it in April and it should have been here by Sept but the designers are having financial difficulties and are not taking anymore orders they should still honour mine but no guarantees just have to wait, invites are nearly done just the inserts to do oh and decide who we're inviting....  knowing me the invites will go out a week before!!!  I've still got last years christmas cards in the drawer lol

  • We got engaged last new year and booked in Feb, time is flying by! However to everyone else the wedding is still ages away!

    You still have lots to look forward to, the weekend with the girlies, bridesmaid dress shopping, hen do, the big day itself, honeymoon etc

    I will miss the planning too, not sure what I'll do with my spare time!
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    we booked our venues a year ago about now and theres still a mountin of things to do. im worried about january, its going to feel so close, 250 days tomo apparently eeeeeek!
  • Yep, definitely going too quickly for me! We got engaged 18 months ago and booked our venue in June 2011, I remember thinking at the time that May 2013 was ages away! Well we hit the 6 month mark yesterday and I'm actually quite scared at how quickly it's coming round now!



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