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September 13 brides - What stuff have you bought?


I've just returned from a semi-successful shopping trip.  I was supposed to be buying Christmas presents but all I can seem to buy is wedding related items! 

So it has begun... currently sitting in the corner of my dining room is one large ikea bag of wedding goodies.  With 295 days to go, I can't begin to imagine what this corner of my dining room will look like in a few months time.


 I got some lovely decanters today for £2 each which I hope to use as vases and put some wild flowers in (if I can get hold of any in September) for centre pieces:


It's so exciting though! 

So I thought I'd ask... how are the other September 13 brides getting on with their wedding shopping?  Has anyone else got anything growing in a corner of their house?



  • Hello.... September is so far away but yet so close and time is flying...I love a good ikea shop, that's where my corner started now it's half a room. I have been collecting now for months. So it won't be a huge tug on the money closer to the time. I'm addicted to ebay also...spend so much time getting little nic naks! Once you begin you just can't stopimage x
  • My corner is in our spare room, however it's

    doubled in size recently, and that's still with me having left the jugs for the tables and the glass jars for the sweetie bar at my mums!

    Oops! image
  • I'm August 13, hope you don't mind me playing! Much to h2bs dismay my 'corner' is now the whole spare bedroom, a blanket box in our bedroom and another box hidden down the side of the sofa! He he.

    I too started off in ikea with loads of pale green candles...which I'm not using now if anyone wants to buy them from me lol!

  • Hi all, It's funny how we all pop these items in a corner!

    My H2b is going to get fed up soon... I can't decide whether it will be when he next checks the joint bank account statement or when he realises that I've started another little wedding pile in the cellar... Ha ha!

    Added quite a number of things to my collection yesterday - all were items that my grandma had hidden away in her loft! Lace trimmed table cloths and beautiful glass vases and jars!

    I was like a kid in a toy shop!!
  • Snap!!!! A small box has now turned into many boxes and bits and bobs - luckily most of the stuff is at my parent's house or in Law's house! image

    Quite a few more bits to buy still to add to the stack - thank you gifts etc.....

    I love shopping... Just waiting to get Christmas out the way and may be able to buy lots of things in the January sales!! image xx

  • Ooh yes hadn't thought about the sales. Uh ohhhimage
  • Already making roomimage
  • I'm so excited for January sale weddin shopping!!! image
  • Oooo glad im not the only one with bags in several corners of the house (im also a september 2013 bride) ive been raiding the charity shop this week (eek!) they had four teasets in (27 pieces each) and i ended up buying them all for £7.50 each, then went into home bargins and found fish bowls for £4 each......and just won a bid on ebay (wasnt expecting to) for six hamper baskets for the bridesmaids and the hamper basket thats going in the loos :S Ooops.


    I love your decanters, they're beautiful image

  • Mrs_H_2BMrs_H_2B Posts: 214

    I'm the 7th! Feels ages away but I know it's going to come up fast!!!! I haven't brought much yet. Been sorting the big things like venue, dress, and suits! All stuff I don't need to keep hold of however started looking at the little touches. Me and H2B brought our first house together in July. Our spare room is still full of boxes. I have told my H2B that he has till the end of December to get that room sorted. I have said it is because my 2 uni friends are coming in January but it's really because I need a place to store all the wedding bits. Planning a trip to ikea as well, I will tell him that trip is to buy a sofa bed but really it will be to look for wedding things! image

  • As I'm moving soon my things are getting transported to my Mum's - so I have a corner in my apartment and when that pile gets a big bag it gets transported to my Mum's spare room which is slowly filling up.  Only danger with this plan is that I'm not keeping track of everything so I just keep shopping!!!

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