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7th September brides

Hello to all the other 7th September brides!! How is every one getting on planning? Xx


  • Eek I can't wait for Tuesday so we are getting married this year rather than next year! We have our menu tasting at the end of Jan, and I need to follow up with the stationery company for the proof for the invites image when are you sending out your invitations? I was thinking end of March/early April so people can RSVP by end of June, the venue needs the food choices one month before so then I have one month to chase anyone who doesn't RSVP by the date x
  • Ah I didn't even realise that! Soo exciting!

    We are having a 3 o'clock wedding so are just have 1 meal and it will be buffet too for ease!

    I have just sent the go ahead to print the inserts for our invites as we will make ours. I was thinking the same thing send them out beginning of April, RSVP by June 30th ready to do the table plan and final numbers image

    Has your dress arrived yet? What have you gone for?

  • Ah yes looking forward to the joys of the table plan! My dress hasn't arrived yet,

    it's due to arrive in April. It's Enzoani Erin image what about yours? x
  • Mine came mid December but wasn't support to be until June!

    Ow wow that is beautiful! I have a Sophia tolli allanah

  • TobeMrsBTobeMrsB Posts: 122

    Hey ladies - Natasha Day 25 you could be me get married same day, similar dress (mine is the lace version) and came middle of December earlier than expected aswell !!

    Gorgeous dress love it and cant wait to wear it.  Next thing on mylist is to book a florist. Colour scheme is dark purple and no idea about flowers so need to reserch a lot of that soon x

  • Hi TobeMrsB!

    Wow that's strange haha, my Sophia Tolli is lace image I haven't been to try it on since its arrived the shop agreed to keep it until June free of charge.

    I am going for artificial flowers as I'd like to be able to keep them with out them becoming fragile!

    Our colour scheme is navy, our wedding has taken on a very Italian look which was unexpected but lovely as it will hopefully be very sophisticated.

  • Oh very similar tastes - the dress is gorgeous love it in pictures and even me in the pictures with it on!

    I still need to sort my flowers out thats the next thing on the list

    our colour scheme is dark purple (my fav colour)

  • Yey welcome!! Lots of us around now image where are you getting married?

  • Wow it sounds lovely! We have gone for our local church and then a lovely golf club.

    We have just booked our dj to go with our band image we have photographer, my dress, picked bridesmaid dresses and groom and grooms men's suits. I an making our invites and plan to send them out in April, is that too late do xml think?

    Whats happening with your dress? What one did you in for?

    I was crazy excited at new year being able to say we get married this year!!!

  • Can you not find it in any other shops? What designer is it?

    Oh good I panicked then :-!

    What type or wedding will you be having? Colour, theme ect.

  • Ow no that is annoying! May be if it felt like the one even though it didn't fit properly then one that is going to fit like a glove is going to be amazing?

    Wow that sounds fun!! I like the idea of black and white with a splash of colour.

    We are having a very simple wedding, I didn't have a theme in mind but now as picture it i can imagine it looking quite Italian, which is brilliant as I love Italians style and simplicity.

    My bridesmaids will be in navy and flower girls in white. We will be having sweet jars as the centre pieces with sweet bags and hopefully it will get people to mingle and then when every one is drunk they will have lots of sweets to pick on. I didn't want a sweet table, but we looove sweets so decided on that.

    Wow that dress is AMAZING!!! Is the one you like satin or lace?

    My dress is Sophia Tolli Alannah in lace

  • Yeh I think that's what inspired the Italian theme, I'm also going to have my hair in a donut bun which is how my Italian boss had her hair when she got married.

    Ooh candy floss nice!!

  • Just booked our honeymoon!!!!!! Eeeek how exciting!

  • We are staying in the hard rock hotel in Dominican republic image xx
  • Yes I can't wait! We went to Mexico I couple of years ago and absolutely loved it so can't wait for this one! And plus it makes it all the more exiting saying our honeymoon!!!! Haha

    Wow new York! Im jealous! I really want to go!

    We go on the 10th Sept for 2 weeks! How about you?

  • We got engaged in New York and loved the place. We have booked Egypt for our honeymoon and leave the 11th (live in Scotland so flights arent great). Im the same really excited about the honeymoon rather than wedding haha!

    I picked up our bridesmaid dresses yesterday so that was great - girls look great in them so really happy about that.  Going to try and visit a florist on saturday so hopefully discuss some stuff and get that booked off soon

  • Yeh the flights are horrible being that long image but will be worth it!!

    Oh Egypt sounds lovely too!! Wow your organised! I haven't even ordered any yet image :-! I have 3 completely different shaped bridesmaids so its difficult to find ones that suit all!

    What sort of flowers do you want?

  • They are really nice! I think im going to get my bridesmaids dress from one of those online order from China jobbies! We had them for my mums wedding and they were really nice.

  • JaneDoeJaneDoe Posts: 25

    We're getting married on the 7th! I am stressing about invites at the moment waiting for the proofs back. Although we do have my dress, ring, venue, photographer, favours, quartet, registrar and honeymoon done! Currently trying to sort flowers and cake :S

  • I ordered the bridesmaid dresses when I got my dress. Was so easy aswell which surprised me. Didn't take long to arrive either.

    Are u getting someone to do your invitations MocoBride? I'm going to start making ours after our meeting with the venue in march x
  • JaneDoeJaneDoe Posts: 25
    I know a really good bridesmaid dress lady in Birmingham she did my sis in laws wedding for ??50 per dress and you would never know they weren't debenhams etc

    I have got a lady to do ours as I'm not really crafty :-/ also away from home 2-3 nights a week at the moment. But that's amazing you doing yours, what style are you having? We have gone for cheque book image x
  • Im thinking im really going for it at the moment with overtime at work to pay as much as quickly as we can now and then not too bad nearer the wedding as Im sure there will be things we havent budgeted for etc that come up.

    Im going to do a pocketfold style for the day (they have to choose their menu etc so this will be easier) then evening will be a simple design of purple backing paper and the invitation on front tied with a ribbon. Thats how im hoping it will be anyway haha might be a nightmare...

  • Mocobride you still have some time for the invites, don't stress! I really wanted check book invites but we didn't have enought to go in them haha.

    Another mrsbrowntobe very organised! I need to sort out my bridesmaid dresses!

    I also am making our invites. We have a really simple gatefold design, DL in a pearly white which I have tied a ribbon around the outside.

    We have just booked the honeymoon with no money for a wedding yet image wrong descion may be? We are just buying our first house so have no money!

  • I'm a 7th September bride too! Woohoo! I've got so much left to do, I've got venue, DJ, flowers, someone to do chair covers and decoration ect, paid deposit on the cake, phototographer all sorted but I still feel like Ive got a billion things to do, worried I wont remember some things, yet to get any bride/bridesmaid dresses. I could do with a huge tick list of everything I need to think of then I cant go wrong and may stop stressing and start feeling excited! lol

  • Well i have just made an apointment to go and see the florist I want for this weekend. Also just been asked to go in for a meeting with the venue to start the ball rolling on details woo hoo all starting to come together.

  • Kayla Davies you have done lots! I cut out lots of check list from magazines so hopfully every thing will be covered. We have just booked a dj to go alongside the band, I was having nightmares that we turned up at the reception but there was no music!!! Was horrible!

    Anothermrsbrowntobe how exciting! Do you know what kind of thing your looking for?

  • I have no idea on flowers - the florist is a friend of a friend so she's going to help me out !! I want a posy for me rather than a shower bouquet and posies for the bridesmaids but thats as far as Ive got haha



  • TobeMrsBTobeMrsB Posts: 122

    Well i booked my florist so really happy that is sorted now. Was a lot easier than I thought so that was good

  • yey!! what did you go for??



  • Oh exciting rubyring13 - what did you go for??

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