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Hola all you brides 2 be

We are all booked and set to marry at St Pauls in Lindos Thurs 26th Sept then boat cruise and off to Lindian Jewel! We have booked with Exquisite Weddings and would LOVE to hear from anyone who has done or is doing the same!

To date, i have ordered some new birth certs for us both (as i dont want to leave origionals there), and booked our appointment at the registery office......we have 25 guests including some children and I CAN NOT WAIT!

hope 2 hear from some of you soon



  • Hey!

    We are getting married at St. Paul's on 27th June. We can't wait. We have picked kalypso for the reception afterwards. There should be around 30people in total. We have also booked gallery photography for the pictures. Very reasonably priced and so so lovely and helpful.
  • Looking for venues still for our 2014 wedding.I want to have the photobooth at my reception so it will need to be somewhere that has use of it.Any ideas?

  • Hi All,


    Can you tell me how Exquisite were? Were they easy to work with?




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