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Cyprus Wedding (Nissi Bay) - 2013


I am getting married in Cyprus in September this year. We are getting married at The Olympic Lagoon Hotel. We've read some good reviews on the hotel. Has anybody on here been before, could you give me any feedback on the place, what to do, what not to do etc?

The main reason for this post is we are thinking of booking a yacht through ExclusiveYachtWeddings in the afternoon on our wedding day. We thought it would be a special way to end the day, and also be a thank you to all the people that have made the effort and paid the money to make our wedding day as special as we hope it will be.

Has anybody used this company before? Would you recommend them? Is a yacht a good idea, or would you recommend something else to do in Cyrpus? We are looking at booking the San Antonio yacht, has anybody actually booked this yacht before?

Sorry for all the questions, just want everything to be perfect for my future wife image

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



  • i am a wedding planner in cyprus,i think it would be an amazing idea,but there is much outthere to do than pay so much money for a yacht.although its amazing if you can affort can have a great private party  in so many locations..or do smg special for your guests...if you need anything just call me 0035799494071 or email me [email protected]

  • Hi Tom,

    Did you get anywhere with this? We are getting married at the Nissi Beach Hotel in September and thinking of doing exactly the same thing!  Im just waiting for exclusive yacht weddings to get back to me,  I was trying to look for another company incase the San Antonio is not available but I havent had any luck yet...

    Any advice woudl be appreciated!





  • Hi Rachel,

    Yes, we've booked it up now. We've gone with Exclusive Yacht Weddings and we've booked the San Antonio yacht.

    We went to a Wedding Fayre in the UK where they had a stand and it was really reassuring to actually see and speak to the people in person. They seem like a really professional company and they've been great so far in terms of communication and speed of response.

    So far, so good! image



  • Jelly TotJelly Tot Posts: 117

    Hi, a friend of mine went to a wedding at Olympic Lagoon and said it was amazing - everyone enjoyed themselves.  She gave such good feeback that we have booked to go there for our Honeymoon in September this year - may see you there, depending on dates image  Hope it all goes well!

  • Hi Jelly Tot,

    That is excellent, the more positive feedback I read, the more excited I get! image

    We fly out on the 8th I think, and we'll be there for 2 weeks.

    Enjoy your Honeymoon!

    All the best,


  • Jelly TotJelly Tot Posts: 117

    Have you read the reviews on Trip Advisor? There are new ones every day at the moment, and so far all of them are excellent!  We are getting married on the 14th September and flying out to Olympic Lagoon on the 16th for 10 days so we will be there the same time as you.

    Not long to go now! image

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