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Wedding Dress

Hi All


Excited isnt the word just had a phone call to say that my wedding dress has arrived in the shop, cant wait to try it on.

What was like when you tryed yours on?


  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Aw exciting news! image

    I was overjoyed with my dress when I tried it on, it was made to measure so needed no alterations at all, it was the first time I had tried on my dress and it fitted perfectly and I cried!

  • Ah thanks both I cant wait at all.


    MRSYOULL2013 - I am sure once it is altered you will look stunning.


    When do you both get married I am September 2013 

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I am married image I was November 2012

  • Its exciting

  • I was so excited. Then had my hair trial booked for the same day. I was so happy when I saw it all together. Just needed it taking up 2 inches.

    You'll love it!
  • Hope so cant wait x
  • GemmaBGemmaB Posts: 77

    I can't wait to try mine on! I ordered it back in May and it's still not in store. I keep googling it to remind myself how it looks, but it looks a bit plain online so I am hoping I am not going to have dress jitters and love it just as much when I get it!

    I'm September 2013 too! Excited!

  • Wow thats a long time to wait isnt it.

    I am 28th September you?
  • GemmaBGemmaB Posts: 77

    I know! They told me it would be in at the end of November, I phoned beginning of January and they assured me that this is fine, normal, no need to worry etc etc...

    Apparantly they won't do the final fitting til a fortnight before wedding, so I have plenty of time. I'm getting impatient though.

    I'm September 8th. I've been quite chilled out about so far, but now I'm getting REALLY excited.x

  • I know it will soon be here and I have so much to do. I just cant make decisions its hard.

  • Jelly TotJelly Tot Posts: 117
    I don't think my first fitting is until July! I can't wait to try it on, just wish it would be sooner x
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