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How much have you got left to do?

I'm getting married September 12th 2013. I think I have most things sorted but I am interested in seeing how other people are getting on. I sit next to someone at work who is getting married June 2014 and has near enough the same amount planned as me - hoping I'm not leaving things to the last minute!!


  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    hi! Im getting married on the 14th and think Ive got most things sorted.although its the little things left stressing me out! Still got to do the following

    • Book organist and Choir for the church
    • pick readings and hymns
    • Ask people to do the readings!
    • buy tiara/veil/accessories
    • finish making invites and send
    • make order of service
    • buy bridesmaids/ushers gifts
    • finalise flowers with florist
    • pick our first dance song
    • decide on the music the string quartet will play (we have been given a list of about 200 to pick from!)
    • Decide on music to be played during wedding breakfast
    • finish making the favours (& make up childrens packs)
    • Get a new passport for honeymoon! (a recent stress as I realised it goes out of date just after and need 6months or more!)
    • Finalise timings
    • Give a list of formal pics we want doing to the photographer
    • OH to arrange stag

    ... and PAY FOR EVERYTHING!!! Now that I have written it out its more than I thought when I started but a lot of it is litle bits closer to the time and bringing everything together. How are you getting on? I cant tell if I am over organised average or falling behind! xx

  • SB2013SB2013 Posts: 281
    I'm also on the 14th and have WAY more than you still to do if that makes you feel any better!!! Only just this second ordered my bridesmaid dresses!!

    We've still got 7 months girls, we'll be fine!!!!! X
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