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September 21st Brides??

Hey ladies


Wondering if there are any other 21st brides out there who want to share how their planning is going.


I'm loving it! Every aspect! I work in France but getting married on the Isle of Wight so there is a lot of internet browing and shopping happening! But it does mean we are making snappy simple decisions which is really helping!


How helpful are your grooms?





  • ME ME ME!!!!!!!

    hi lovely bride jen

    as you could probably tell from my previous post...we are taking things a little too easy at the moment. having said that i feel much better having met with our caterer yesterday..she is the best and SO organised. it's so nice to feel like someone will be there to paper over any cracks!!! have you got your dress all sorted? what about flowers and stuff? almost 5 month countdown......

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