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We get married next month!!!

Wow it seems like yesterday I wrote I only had 100 days to go and now its next month!! eeeeek. I hope all of the September brides are going well and equally excited image that said we just got our first big bill to be paid this month which signals the start of August draining our bank account... but still 44 days and counting image


  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    almost the "less than a month" stage for you then! We have to confirm final numbers with the venue in 2 weeks as well, thats goingthe be the biggest bill, I hope the weather still stays this nice too!!

  • Pinch punch I get married this month eeek!!!  Good luck girls, not long till you will all be saying that!! x

  • Me to - 6th September!!

    Can't wait - nearly done with everything, just a few more bits and bobs to purchase, have my second dress fitting and get the two little bridesmaid some shoes than thats it!!!

    Oh and 2 more hen do's hehe image

    Good luck everyone xx

  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    we have all of the sencond dress fittings in a couple of weeks too (me and bmaids) and I have just ordered some card to start constructing all of the order of service x

  • does anyone else feel MASSIVELY disorganised??? i feel like we still have laods to do and next Wednesday is the month countdown!!!





  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    My month countdown was yesterday! I had been so organsied up until now but everyday I think of somethign else that needs doing. to make things worse my veil arrived today and its horrible, so off to some bridal shops this weekend to find another!

  • KooKoo Posts: 2

    21 days today for us! Did dummy runs with everyone's outfits this morning but h2b still hasn't got his. Told him he has a week or ill start reading too much into it.  very excited.

    A few guests have started to switch plus ones which is proving a pain. 

    one guest asked if we could collect her haha comedy at 30 miles out of our way.

    suppose the next milestone is reaching single figures! 

    good luck everyone x 

  • 21 days for us too!!!! Still got more left to do that I'd planned at this stage - but that's typical me - had a lot of dramas with other people lately, changing plans etc etc, so from now on I'm going to pay less attention to what others are doing/trying to help them out and more on what suits us best!!  Hope everyones plans are all coming together now!

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