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Hi All


We went and saw the vicar last night to talk about the ceremony, our rehearsal is the night before the wedding, is that too late?


  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    No, mine was the evening before the wedding too. It really helped settle my nerves and it meant that we both remembered what we'd been told! it was lovely having the rehearsal then going out for dinner with our families x

  • No. I want mine day the night before so that readers who are travelling a distance will be there. my mom is saying a few days before (can't really overrule her on this one as she is the priest marrying us - but hopefully I'll convince her).

    Bear in mind that your vicar probably does a lot of weddings and has to remember different details for each so it is more fresh in their mind if they do it the night before. I've been to three wedding rehearsals, two of them church weddings, and all were the night before.

  • Mrs to beMrs to be Posts: 136

    Oh ok thanks all, puts my mind a rest.


    Hope your planning is going good.

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