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Where to start!

I recently got engaged to my H2B, we are thinking of a August 2014 date, as i'm a teacher and would ideally like a honeymoon straight after. We are thinking of a Friday wedding as these seem to be cheaper?

I have currently a list of 5 venues with pros and cons and am choosing my time well to show my fiance, who thinks its too early to think about venues!!

Where do you start??? we also would like to keep to a £5000 budget but secretly i'd like to go under that! I can't see the point of 'wedding breakfasts'..i'd like a late afternoon ceremony if i got my way! then just a party! x


  • MrsA2B3MrsA2B3 Posts: 357

    All sounds good to me so far chick! I think the first thing to do is pick a venue as they tend to book up quite far in advance I know one near me is booked up til oct 2015!! We are having a saturday wedding in august and so far it is coming in at about £3200 x

  • Hi, I think we are going to be may/june 2014. We found our venue a couple of weeks back and will book in the New Year, as they want half the venue cost upfront. We havent done anything else yet though image

  • Hi firstly congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the mad world of wedding planning. im also getting married in august 2014 and having a friday wedding for the same reason as yourself its cheaper lol we booked our venue a few weeks ago and i would have to agree with the others venue is the 1st thing you need to book as they do get booked up pretty quickly dont forget venues dont just do weddings they have other party bookings too so if you fall in love with somewhere and get it for the right price i would book it or at least pay a nominal fee to save the date on it and sort deposit out at a later date if your considering having a later wedding some places will go even cheaper on their price as your only going to be having a buffet in the evening i would say look around getting married at 3ish then you have a bargaining tool with the venue good luck and keep us updated xx

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