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Any 2nd August 2014 B2B?

We are getting married on Saturday 2nd August 2014, I am beyond excited. Have already booked our Venue, Humanist, Photographer... So much to do but so exciting. Anyone else getting married around this time, that can share all this excitment! x



  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594
    I am! In Scotland, in hamilton!

    Catholic wedding, so lots of prep to do!
  • MrsJ2b4MrsJ2b4 Posts: 30

    Me only just booked it beyond excited image

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    Whoop!!! after much faffing around we are finally settled and booked for the 2nd August! This is it now....So excited...but its seems so far away...


    Emma that sounds beautiful and Nicole loving your humanist ceremony plans, do tell! xx

  • Us too! Booked pretty much everything July last year as we're pretty much paying for it all ourselves so needed the time to save! The only things left now are dresses, suits and gifts really. 

    Where's everyone going on honeymoon? We were thinking Thailand but have been put off a few places due to the wrong season. Maldives is our other option but want a bit more adventure. Any suggestions?? xx

  • (now with spelling mistakes corrected lol!)

  • MrsJ2b4MrsJ2b4 Posts: 30

    Met with the Vicar today so everything seems more real and official can't wait to start dress shopping.

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    We aren't meeting ours until September but cannot wait! I bought my dress literally 3 weeks after getting engaged....i just knew straight away! good luck MrsJ2b4 have you got any ideas what your going to go for?

  • MrsJ2b4MrsJ2b4 Posts: 30

    No I'm just going to try loads on!!image

  • XMXSXMXS Posts: 131

    Ooo im a 2nd August 2014 bride too!! Im soooo excited. I was thinking I was getting too excited too soon but glad to hear theres other in the same boat image

    Have booked church, reception venue,  wedding car, dress, photographer and flowers. Im usually soo disorganised but was too excited lol 

    Littlemiss3108, thailand and the Maldives both sound fab for your honeymoon. 

    Cant wait to hear all of your plans xx

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Me too! It's so exciting!!

    So far we have booked the ceremony in a local hotel and our reception in a Vineyard, photograher (as it's a friend image) and I too have brought my dress - I too couldn't resist and knew it was 'the one!'

    Good luck dress shopping Mrsj2b4 - it's so much fun!

    Am very jealous of your honeymoon plans Littlemiss3108 - either sounds amazing- sadly our's wont be that exotic as we did things the wrong way round have a two year old little girl in tow! Hoping for a couple of nights away just us though which will be bliss!! We will have a beautiful flower girl tho image

    Can't wait to hear all of your plans. Has anyone sent any save the dates out yet? We don't know when to send ours as conscious it's holiday time for people.........xx



  • XMXSXMXS Posts: 131

    Reception in a vineyard sounds amazing! We havent sent the save the dates out yet were going to wait till after this august to save any confusion image xx

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Thanks XMXS it's good to know what others are doing. We really don't know when to send invites etc - don't want to seem too keen, but then want to give plenty of notice.....I think after august is a good idea and then real invites end April/beg May 2014. Have you thought about your guest list yet?

    I know what you mean about being disorganised as I normally am but like you am just too excited and planning everything now!

    It's a beautiful location we love it there - we are lucky to have it so close to us. They are even going to do us personalised labels for the bottles image 

    Looking forward to hearing how all of the plans are coming together xx

  • XMXSXMXS Posts: 131

    Sounds brill!!

    Yeah I was thinking end of April for actual invites too image

     We have pretty much sorted out guest list for the actual wedding and breakfast but arent really thinking too much into our night time list till next year. How bwt u's? 


  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    It's been a bit tricky as we are limited at the Vineyard for 45 people as that's the max the restaurant can take. We knew it was the compromise we had to make tho....I have a big family my Mum was 1 of 6 and my H2B has loads of friends from work so we have been ruthlessly culling! Some people will be upset but we had to have the Vineyard!

    Some pics of the Vineyard if you are interested....



     I would love to hear more about your venues......have you chosen your colours yet?

    We are choosing at the moment so we can match our stationery...possibly Olive Green and Heather - but not sure if this is summer weddingy enough image so many choices!




  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Sorry pics are so small image xx

  • XMXSXMXS Posts: 131

    The vineyard looks gorgeous!!! Where abouts is this??

    We are getting married at a church near where we live and then having the reception at As You Like it. (Photos below incase you want to see)

    Were also having a resonably small day time with around 50-55 people. xx









  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    It's in a small place called Wickham not too far from Southampton.

    Wow what a gorgeous venue, really quirky and pretty. I love the fireplace and the different types of chairs, will you be keeping those as they are? It's going to look so pretty for your pictures! Where abouts are you based? xx


  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Snowy78 your venue looks gorgeous! What is it called? I am from Soton so lovely to hear about you getting married nearby image We have set the date for Friday 8th August 2014, so a little after you guys image

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Thanks, it is gorgeous there - It's Wickham Vineyard not far from Botley - do you know Botley and Hedge End?

    Yey we are nearly date buddies image where abouts are you getting married? I've just seen you have a planning thread - I will catch up on that later, I have been loving reading the planning threads and thinking about doing my own. I hope your planning is going well so far.... xx

  • XMXSXMXS Posts: 131

    Snowy78, yeah we will be keeping the chairs And tables without cover and will just have lace bows on the backs of the chairs. Im based in newcastle xx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I used to live in West End image I didn't know there was a vineyard in Wickham, lovely area image I think having a smaller wedding will keep everything relaxed and you will have a brilliant excuse to just have those you really want there. We have booked at Hill Place, Swanmore. Wondering when all this will feel real image Olive green and heather sounds lovely and perfect for the summer too.

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    It's going to look gorgeous XMXS!

    I've just caught up on your planning thread : D - wow I love all of your ideas....what a lovely proposal - who knew they could be romantic! We really wanted Hill Place as our venue but when we phoned them they were fully booked for next year so you did well to book when you did image. I think the caricaturist is a great idea to keep your guests entertained. We are going to be having lawn games as there is a grassy area and a bouncy castle for the kids (although I suspect the adults will make use of it too!). I have been to a wedding before and just stood around whilst photo's are being taken and you are right if it's smaller and people don't know each other it's more noticable.

    I can't wait to see how it all comes together I just hope the next year goes by fast - I can't wait now! It's really great to find someone else who is getting married local to here.

    Sorry waffled on so long - just so excited - I love talking weddings! x



  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Thanks Snowy image  I drove past Wickham Vineyard yesterday! Cannot believe I missed it! image Lovely venue and will be easy for your guests to find image It is a unique venue and will really make your day stand out, wish I had thought of it as I was trying to find something out of the ordinary!!  image

    We booked Hill Place in Feb or March and they said they had lots of spaces, but when I contacted her two weeks later she said she was nearlly fully booked as they had a sudden rush! Suprised they don't hold more than one a week.

    Im pleased you like the idea of having the caricaturist, still not 100% but as you said you need something. A friend of mine sold ice cream, but I don't want her to think I am copying her but would have been lovely. 

    Bouncy castle is a brilliant idea, no doubt the adults will take over!! image Cannot wait to read more about your plans. I think I might of started my planning thread a little early image but I was excited lol but plan to be busy making throughtout the summer holidays. Hoping to meet up with our caterer this week too as really want to get all the big parts in place.

    I love talking about weddings too! Making sure I only talk about it on here tho, although my 2B MIL is v excited. Little bit concerned about the cardboard loo roll decorations she has made with her friends tho!!

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Thanks, we are pleased with it. Hill place will be really special too though, you were lucky to get your booking it is gorgeous!

    Well we have been productive and finally booked our ceremony (just a minor detail image)!!!! We can't get married at the Vineyard and we knew we didn't want a church ceremony so we just didn't know......we thought about a registry office in Southampton but it's quite far to travel, so we looked at local hotels. We loved the New Place in Shedfield but they were fully booked, so we then tried the Marriott Meon Valley Hotel. They were great and are allowing us to get married there and gave us discounted rooms for the guests. They are upgrading us to a suite which will be great for the wedding night!

    The best bit is that it is right next door!! Nothing like convenient!!!!

    Some pics...




     So......we can now think about save the dates!! yey!!!!

    It's so good your MIL 2B is so interested in the wedding - hilarious about the cardboard loo roll decorations! You will have to post a picture of them.....! I love your planning thread you def didn't start too early and it will be a great way of keeping track of all of your planning. I love the outdoor light ideas, I may actually steal the hanging jar idea I love that! Feel free to chat away, I know what you mean about the OH's image

  • Hi Ladies,

    Really lovely to hear all your planning stories and that you are also soooo organised like me image

    I am also a 2nd August 2014 bride! So excited image All pretty much booked and paid for! I had a hair and make up trial yesterday, as I wanted to see the quality of their work before putting anything down (my sister had a nightmare with hers). I haven't even got my dress yet but my parents live in Dubai and are coming back in dress shopping with my Mum then!! 

    We are getting married in our village church and then on to our reception venue Kelmarsh Hall...beyond excited image 

    It is great to talk to other people that can share the excitement because I feel my friends and family have had enough already lol!!!! My H2B is brilliant and we have worked together on lots of things. 

    Good luck xxxxx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Loving your planning thread XMXS image looking forward to reading more, your reception venue really looks stunning!

    lol I will try and hunt down the loo roll flowers lol she got the idea from  a Sainsburys mag. They don't really look bad, but it is more the point that they have been made out of loo rolls lol I don't really want to spend out loads of money then guests asking "Were these made out of... yes...nice" image so I will have to show her some images I have collected and hope for the best!

    Exciting to hear from more August brides! Makes it feel more real image

    Spoke to our caterer yesterday and I am not sure I feel any wiser lol He is going to put a couple of menus together on our budget and go from there. Fingers crossed he will be able to run a bar for us (slightly cheaper than his restaurant prices) and let us know what he could do for a buffet.

  • XMXSXMXS Posts: 131

    Just been having a look throughyour georgian villa planning thread and it looks gorgeous!!! Cant wait to keep reading more image

     The proposal sounds amazing xxx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I have been looking out for the loo roll tube decorations but have not found them any where. So photographed the magazine that inspired them. They don't look bad, could always make them out of paper image



  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Hi : D wow they do look really good and not at all like loo roll tubes image I really like them. You're right paper or coloured cardboard would work just as well I'm sure.....

    Good luck with your caterers, I hope they come up with some nice ideas for you, who did you decide to use - was it a local company? We won't choose our menu until next year about 2 months before when we will have a tasting evening at the Vineyard - also get to 'taste' the wine the same evening so that should be fun image. I really hope they manage to provide your bar for you, it'll be a lot easier if it is all with 1 person.

    Hi MrsLambert2B1 - welcome to the forum! Yey another 2nd August bride - it definitely is starting to feel more real now. It'll be great to hear how your plans are coming together.

    Did your hair and make up trial go well?

  • Hi ladies,

    Your plans all sound fab! I'm having a bit of a wedding dress crisis. Did anyone else find it really difficult finding "The One"?

    I've tried on about 20 dresses and there were only 2 that I thought "You know I like these" but nothing has been a Wow moment. I'm beginning to feel I'm not going to have a Wow moment image Maybe my brain can't handle the decision?!

    I've noticed there are a couple of local Hampshire brides. Can you ladies recommend any bridal boutiques? I've been to Anya Bridal, Proposals, A Bride 2 Bee (would not recommend to anyone after my experience there) and Cloud Nine Bridal.

    I feel like the most excited part of the process is being dampened by no success at the moment! Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!


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