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Any 8th August 2014 brides 2 be out there? So excited about it being one year to go today (well yesterday as I'm a bit late and it's gone midnight!) 

Very excited! image



  • I'm August 8th and yes I'm very excited too! And it's the date we first met 10 years ago

  • That's lovely Kay22mms, what a great day to get married!

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    I missed this thread, we are getting married on Friday 8th too image 11 months today image

  • I'm new here but was looking for some people to be as excited as I am. I'm Friday 8th and I really can't wait!

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    Hi superorganised image how is everything going? Under 200 days now image

  • Hi image

    I've found everything a breeze which I don't know if that's good or bad. Everything is booked and I even wrote my day invites last weekend but I am waiting till march to send them out. I just like to know certain things are done. How about you?

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    i think we have organised the main bits and most of it has been pretty easy. The bit I am nervous about is bridesmaid dresses as we have not been v successful so far, so the girls have agreed to go shopping together at the start of Feb, fingers crossed image They want different dresses, but they need to link somehow. I feel the same, I like to get things done. Where are you getting married? We are from Hampshire.

  • I'm getting married at Rogerthorpe Manor in West Yorkshire, Pontefract (near leeds). My bridesmaid dresses have been ordered and arrived just before Christmas which I was shocked about as they weren't due till Feb. Luckily the dress I fell in love with suited my 3 girls who are all different in size so we got to have exactly what I wanted. My big drama will be finding an outfit for my Mum!

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    What dress did you go for (if you don't mind sharing)? My bridesmaids are also different sizes, so thought it would be better to go for different styles but hopefully in the same colour/material. Must check out your venue image Lovely to chat to other brides who are getting married on the same day image We haven't started looking for MIL or MOB outfits yet! Luckly they get on really well, so thought they might be up for going to John Lewis and having a personal shopper help them pick something out?

  • same here but i think i need to take MOB on her own first, she needs a little gok help lol i won't go into too much detail but i went for the total opposite of what i thought i wanted. its a fitted bodice, with a slight sweetheart neckline, fitted down to my hips and comes out into a lovely A-line shape with what i think is a huge train. i've got a hoop but not a huge one, just gives it a much nicer defined shape. it has a lot of detail all over, i'm a little curvy so defines my shape which i love and i feel wonderful in it! how about you?

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    I am curvy too, so wanted something what was fitted around the top. I was torn between two dresses. One was the style I thought I would go for, but I went for the dress that made my Mum, Sister and MIL a little teary eyed lol I have gone for a similar style as you image but with a small train.

    What are your bridesmaids wearing? Few years ago my Mum went through a little John Lewis personal shopper phase, where she was encouraging everyone to go! lol So thought it would be a cool thing for them to do together. My MIL has said she isn't as important as the MOB but I can't see the difference! Loving her being involved image

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    Your venue looks lovely! It is great that guests can stay and enjoy the evening, lovely outdoor space. When my OH and I travel we tend to book Best Westerns as they are always lovely and really helpful image Do you get to stay on your one year anniversary? Its great that they have lots of little areas people can relax in.

  • Aw thank you. It's a popular venue but I've been to weddings there myself and it's just lovely. My bridesmaids are wearing the after six dress 6553 and it's just what I wanted. I totally agree with the MIL thing and I'm very lucky with mine she wants everything to be a surprise for her so hasn't been involved although I have asked on many occasions as she has 2 boys so won't really get to do the MOB thing but she insisted it be a surprise for her. We have asked her to do a reading so she feels involved in the wedding. Have you gone for a theme of any kind?

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    That's the style of dress I would ideally like too, but thought I would see what they come up with image My OH's Mum has 3 boys and I know she had no influence on her eldest son's wedding and would be extremely surprised if she knew much about the youngest. So thought it would be lovely to have her involved. She has been more enthusiastic than anyone else, but not pushy image I know she wishes she had had a girl.

    We are getting married in a little private villa, which is in the countryside. Little bit nervous as we are renting the house and need to sort everything out as there are no staff or anything. So hoping friends and family don't mind helping out a bit! Luckily we can prep the place for the four days before the wedding image

    I originally wanted green, cream and pink, but it seems to be developing into pastels as its easier! But also goes with the venue. Def going for more of a relaxed feel image What kind of theme have you gone for?

  • That sounds lovely and so personal. Our is personal but the complete opposite! We got engaged in New York so there was no doubt what theme there would be so I'm going for New York elegance with a hint of breakfast at Tiffany's 

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    New York is lovely! If I moved away it would def be NY. Really sounds lovely image hoping you write a report so I can hear all about your day image Have you got much more to sort? We need to sort little things; invites, rings, bridesmaid outfits, the guys suits and the registrar. Bound to be loads of things I have forgotten!!

  • Oh this will make me sound so bad, I've sorted everything! We ordered the rings at the weekend and also wrote my day invites. I've even got the dog booked in at the kennels. It's not all that great been organised it gives me too much time to think I've forgotten things

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    That's brilliant! I really wish I had everything sorted!! Although saying that I would probably find more to sort!! lol image Just been on the phone to my Mum, she met up with my MIL, FIL, Sister and niece today to discuss wedding DIY image I am very lucky image Are you planning on writing a thread?

  • aw that sounds lovely. i love to hear when everything is happy and rosy. there seems to be too many people on here with unhelpful family members making things less exciting.

    i'm new to all this and wouldn't have a clue where to start a thread so probably not.  

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    Well I would be really interested if you choose to image I guess it is easier to focus on the negative sometimes. Really looking forward to the weekend, haven't been back home in ages and I am planning on trying on my dress. 

  • oh that has to be the best reason to be going home! we're hoping to win our wedding for free tomorrow night. Our venue is celebrating 10yrs of ownership and all weddings booked and deposit paid will be entered into the draw. i'm insisting we will win to enforce a positive mental attitude lol

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    Fingers crossed for you both!! Let me know how you get on image

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    Hello I'm a date twin, August 8th this year cant wait! So I am a big fan of the TV show Revenge and I was watching the other week and that's the same date the main character is getting married!! But the interesting thing is her lucky symbol is the infinity symbol i.e. the '8' so that's why she chose that date, the 8th day of the 8th month so I reckon we've the best date of the year as it means infinity image Bit cheesy but I love it! 

  • oh I haven't started watching the new series yet but I get cheesier than that, after the wedding I'm having a tattoo on my foot that is the infinity symbol the word love.

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    I haven't heard of that TV show, will have to look it up image Good to know there are so many that have picked 08/08/2014 image 

    Did you hear anything superorganised? Funny to think you must just live down the road from us image

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    Hi girlies,Im 8th august too. I haven't been on here for a long time so completely missed this thread!

  • unfortunately, we didn't win the wedding for free but I was really pleased for the girl who did win, she had such a great reaction. Ours is all in hand now anyway and I may be a bit early but I've posted the invites today. I can now start stressing about getting RSVP's back

  • Hi Ladies

    Just wondered how you're all getting on now the date is so close?

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    100 days today!! Sorry to hear you did not win the competition, but it must have been lovely to see her son happy. Have you got all of your rsvps back? We sent our invites about two weeks ago, later than planned but pleased with them image I have three back so far. Exciting getting them back.

    We have done a fair bit; suits & bridesmaid dresses booked, wedding rings, singer for the evening, engagement shoot, visited the venue... and some pressies sorted. How much have you got left to do? image

  • everything is booked that needs to be booked and all the major things have being purchased. We've got the bridesmaid dress fittings booked in, we need to book the suit fittings in. We need to give the registrar the form back which says what vows we've picked as we're having a civil ceremony and we need to meet with the venue to finalise things. This last bit is making me really nervous as I thought they would of been in touch by now for a meeting which they haven't.

    I've had all but 2 RSVP's back for the day and then still waiting on a fair few evening invites. I decided to put RSVP cards in with the invites and return addressed envelopes so getting them back, knowing what they are is very exciting! 

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