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hiya everyone,

im new to this site weve got our wedding booked for 2nd august 2014, were getting married in our local church then having the reception in the community centre, we have hired a bar and disco and are having a bouncy castle for the little ones, I would like some ideas on the buffet food for as cheap as possible ive already got

chicken drumsticks

scotch eggs


tuna pasta and red onion

bread sticks and dips

selection of cold meats

salad bowls


garlic bread



potato salad


sausage rolls

cheese rools

hots dogs

cornbeef and potato pies

bread buns

egg mayo

tuna mayo

cheese savoury

mini corn beef parcels



matleaser tray bake

scones (strawberry and cream)





i know ive already got alot but just would like anymore ideas we have just under 40 children and 80 adults we are having the lunch at 3pm and the eveing buffet at 7.30pm if anyone out there can work out how much it will cost that would be very helpful.

thank you very much

kerry xxxxxx


  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    have you looked at supermarkets frozen bumper party packs...for example tescos have a 60 piece party pack for £4.50.

    also iceland have bits like breaded mushrooms. garlic and herb prawns (12 pack for £1)

    king prawn ring - £2 or 3 for £5

    75 piece indian pack for £4

    just some examples for you!...thats what i would do if we were on a budget xx


  • i didnt think of that thank you very much xxxx


  • MrsPDMrsPD Posts: 42

    how about little savoury bites - pork pies/picnic rolls that sort of thing?

    Also, have you thought about asking all your guests to bring a plate?  I've been to a bring and share do before and it was fab - the trick is just to coordinate with people what they're bringing - you'll be so surprised at the beautiful stuff people bring - pasta salads, rice salads, meat platters (ham/beef etc cold cuts), breads, scones, cakes etc - people love to get creative and make the day special for you.

    oh don't forget dippy type things - easy/cheap things like hummous are great (if you're making stuff yourself, check out ingredients in the 'exotic' aisle of the supermarket - at the mo in my local sainsburys chickpeas are about £1 a tin, but in the foreign food bit they're 4 tins for £1!  Also, the do i went to had a fab 'centre piece' of a poached salmon - it might be too expensive, but it made the whole table look like an amazing spread!

  • maddiehmaddieh Posts: 315

    We are having a cheeseboard and antipasto (mini stuffed peppers, olives with feta, chorizo, salamis) , a selection of salads, sandwiches, homemade bread rolls, quiches and lots of picnic inspired foods like little chickeny bits, sausage rolls and stuff. We would of loved to have our wedding outside and a proper big picnic, we are finding this to be very affordable and are making the salads and sandwiches ourselves.

    I have heard from lots of people that to have less options, but more of it actually is more cost efficient. Some ideas I have seen and liked were a pasta bar (a few types of pasta cooked up, then different sauces and toppings). 1kg pasta are only a pound or two. Then you could have cheeses, some meat, and other bits to sprinkle on it/go with it, such as garlic bread or dough balls.

    or one where they had their family specialities such as a stew by a Grandma, a pie from their mum, a salad from so and so... They only had 5 different things I think, but with bread and condiments and it sounded really nice. They even had little recipe cards for people to take if they enjoyed the food. 


    other cheap food options could be pineapple with cheese (a childhood favourite of mine), slices of ham/beef, tortilla pinwheels, cous cous or rice, breadsticks and crudites with dips, tortilla chips with salsa (tesco value t.chips are only 49p per bag and are delicious!) .

    Good luck with everything image

  • yeah fingers crossed the weather is good we will be eating outside on the green ive had lots of ideas its just the cost that worried me i dont want anything to be left out thank you for your messages back to me this site is great for little hints and tips xxxx

  • MrsPDMrsPD Posts: 42

    if cost is really going to worry you, and your family and friends all know you're on a budget, seriously think about doing it 'bring and share' style - you'll get absolutely shed loads of food and people will love to be involved!  just make sure you co-ordinate who's bringing what!!

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