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Mori Lee dress direct from states

I have feel in love with a beautiful Mori Lee wedding dress. if purchased from a stockist online in the states direct i can save up to half cost of purchasing in uk only problem is Mori Lee will not alllow stockists to ship outside of USA??!!! Presumably as UK mark up is set considerably higher!! Anyone any ideas how i can gat around this?

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  • Hi, I don't know any way round this but know how you feel - I was on Best Bridal Prices and nearly died when I saw how cheap my dress was on there but Maggie Sottero won't allow shipping outside the US either.  The only thing that made me feel better was knowing that it probably wouldn't work out that much cheaper by the time you would pay your customs charges. 

  • shortbreadshortbread Posts: 255

    Do you know anyone in America who you could have it shipped to who could then ship on to you? This is what i planned to do but have fell in love with a ronald joyce dress now... typical! image

  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    I bought my dress in the States, and I saw that most of the dresses I had tried in the UK-Maggie Sottero, Justin Alexander etc were much cheaper there (I'm talking several hundred not just £50). I ordered mine from a shop who then shipped internationally. But it sounds like the website you've found you would have to get it shipped to someone in the US and then sent on. I paid about £80 in customs charges x

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