Hey December brides

Hi December brides 

how is everyone getting on? Everyone sorted? 


  • I am nearly there!

    need to decide on our ceremony and songs etc... Food tasting booked for 14th September, dress fitting 27th, hen 1st November!

    lots done, I hope I haven't missed envy thing though! 

  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    Mmm sort of but i am beginning to panic a little! Hen night sorted (well one with local friends) for 15th November. I have most of my son's outfit sorted apart from shoes & a tie, have bought my sweetie jars (but still need tongs & sweets) & have decided on our playlist but just haven't got a clue how to get it on my ipod as we are so untechy! Also got to arrange our second meeting with the registrar & book a room for the night for OH's Mum who is also having my kids in with her for the night. Also need to have a dress fitting & get my dress home & get some jewellery & underwear. Oh and sort out a hairdresser & maybe makeup. Oh and speak to the florist. God that sounds like loads plus there is probably a lot I haven't even thought of,lol!

  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride

    Love the new thread image. I am sorted as in I've booked everything but I need to start sorting the little details now. I had my hen weekend with my friends last weekend, due to various reasons august was best. I had an amazing weekend, although was very let down by 2 of my bridesmaids so am trying to pick myself back up! People have started asking us about ceremony times etc so they can begin to arrange what they're doing over Xmas. We've decided to send the invitations out in the next week or so as it seems people are itching to know the plans!

    To do - decide hymns and readings, go food tasting, meet with the venue, meet with the vicar, speak to the band and sort a play list, decide whether to book a mua or do my own make up, get gifts for bridal party and parents, get favours and sort my accessories. 

  • MrsP2B14MrsP2B14 Posts: 77

    It's scary seeing it all wrote down isn't it? I have everything booked except the chair covers and need my underwear and veil oh and bracelet ha. It's so hard sorting things from London as we are getting married at home in the north east so feel I have squeezed few appointments into one long weekend in oct. 

  • MrsP2B14MrsP2B14 Posts: 77

    lovingothers loving this thread tooimage

  • MrsP2B14MrsP2B14 Posts: 77

    This iPad hates this forum it's always adding on words haha. I am loving this thread too was all I meant to say! Xx

  • MrsP2B14MrsP2B14 Posts: 77

    Not sure everyone's colour schemes or if you have your bridesmaid dresses sorted but BHS has a lovely dark red dresses on offer for £55 each. They are beautiful and very Christmassy 

  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride

    They're the dresses I'm having, in the long twist and wrap style. They are such a beautiful colour, really rich. I got my bracelet from claire's accessories!! I haven't tried it with my dress yet so if it looks cheap I will bin it. What date is everyone? I'm 27th, no xmas dinner for me!!

  • MrsP2B14MrsP2B14 Posts: 77

    Haha I'm the 20th so I will be having extra christmas dinner!! What's your bracelet like? X

  • Hi December 5th

    hair trial booked

    make up booked

    hen dos- 8th & 29th of november

    still have to sort out flowers, DIY list as long as my arm haha. Haven't booked an appointment for my dress to be altered yet,  sorted the chair covers/table covers etc. Glad your all in a similar boat haha x

  • Yeah I have chair covers to sort too image


  • I'm in double digits! Woohoo!

    been for my menu and wine tasting today so I can now order my invites. Because we are having a small menu we are offering 2 choices for each course! 

    Next weekend, underwear shopping as it is my first dress fitting the following weekend.

    looking at ordering me and my sister some stroppy tops to wear while we get ready but not sure about getting it off over my head to put my dress on. But I can always wear it on honeymoon too if I get something like the new mrs X put on it, instead of bride.what is everyone else wearing to get ready?

  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    I'm getting married December 13th less than 3 months to go now image

    i feel like everything big is sorted but everything just needs fine tuning and fitting together. We need to finalise music, order of service and I need to shop for my bridal accessories 


  • I'm not sure, I've seen some lovely satin dressing gowns on Boux Avenue that have mrs in diamanté on back which will sort the getting it over your head problem! I just need to find the money to pay for everything now haha.

    still few smaller things to sort like underwear and few decorations etc but feel I'm on the right track! Eeek I'm in double figures now too

  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 860 New bride

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to find the other thread! How are you all getting on in your planning? My invitations have gone out with an RSVP date of 1st November. We're meeting with the venue on 2nd November and hopefully going food tasting soon too. It's coming around so quickly, only 11 weeks to go for me image xx

  • It is now half term and the wedding suddenly seems really close. I am about to do my last half term as Miss H. inpick up my dress on Tuesday and my mam and sister come on thursday for hair trail and hen do! We are having afternoon tea and shopping! image 59 days to go! 

    My invites have gone out (only 13 people) and had some RSVP with menu choices. Lots of meetings booked in over the next few weeks to finalise details which means deciding on my flowers. I am still torn between just red calla lillies or a red mixed bouquet with winter berries etc... What is everyone else having? 

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