Cost of Flowers for a February Wedding

Hi Ladies,

I am hoping you can help. Me and OH are getting married on Valentines Day 2016. But we were wondering, has anyone already gone out to get quotes on Flowers?

How high was your quote due to the fact you are getting married on February? We have been told the cost of Roses will be high for the whole month of February. Was there a big difference in price for the same items had you moved the wedding to another month?

I was told that Rose's can be three times as expensive during this month. I am in two minds about changing my colour scheme (scarlet and ivory) to avoid the expense.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance


  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    I had calla Lillie's for my wedding wrapped in ribbon it cost £25 just as a guide and I get married in feb 2014, have u thought about red gerberas

  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84

    yes we have thought about mixing up the red flowers so its not just Rose's

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    I think it depends where you go & what you have although I think yours will be pretty expensive as it is valentine's day. If you haven't booked a florist yet, shop around, some do groupon/5pm deals too so keep an eye out for them

  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84

    I didn't think of Groupon deals!!! Thanks Jomc11

    Call me stupid but Is it possible to order a few months before for delivery around valentines or will it still be the same price as it's actually being delivered in the month of Valentines?

    Thanks for the responses so far

    There are three wedding shows in September in London so I don't know if its best waiting until then to secure a florist at a possible discount

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    I got a deal on 5pm for mine & its not til next year.

    I think you'd still be same price as its still for february, shop around & see who you like & go speak to them, I've only had 1 place tell me it'd be more expensive as its feb & that was a venue decor place, a pedestal of fresh flowers was going to be £70 (which to be honest i actually thought was an ok price but lady said we could mix silk & fresh together & it'd take it down to just £35 so there are options there. 

    Check what florists will be there before you go & have a look at them online & on facebook to see how they are

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