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Hi everyone. I'm new to this group! x planning to marry on 10th apr 2015 image

I am going to look at dresses and try some on tomorrow. I just want to see what suits me but I keep thinking they will think i'm coming too early and won't want to waste their time. Has anyone else who has a 2015 date been to visit dress shops yet? x

Lisa x


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    i am getting married aug this year and 1st shopping visit was jan 2012. i thought that was early but the shops were happy to have me as i think they expect newly engaged wont want to wait. I told them it was my first shop and just wanted to see what suited my shape. try to avoid a sat if you can as that is when they are at their bussiest and i would have thought they would see it as less of a waste of time if they are not busy anyway. I would say its too early to buy as styles change. when i first looked i didnt see anything lacy but now lace seems to be everywhere and i had a bit of a wobble seeing all he beautiful dresses people chose on here.  Hope that helps xx

  • My dress shop told me that they have dresses stored upstairs for 2015 weddings (before I'd even chosen mine for my July wedding haha!!) a good bridal shop will not treat you like you are wasting their time anyway, although I would wait a bit if it were me
  • I'm definately not going to buy yet. I want to lose another 2 stone before the big day but I am fairly short and want to see what style i like when it is on. I am confident this will be quite different to the ones i like on tall slim models on the internet!! x I told them when i booked that I would be just seeing what styles suited me. To be honest I probably wont be buying from the shop I am going to unless I see what I want on one of their sale days as their bottom price is my very very top price! x 

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    I'm trying to hold out on going to search for my dress! I'm enjoying planning other things really early but thought 'what if I find a dress and order it to then go see something else nearer the time' but each to their own! It's your dress so you go look for it when you want! X
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    I'm going to try to wait until the beginning of next year I think image will still be a year and 9 months to my wedding then!

    The only thing I worry about is what will be in fashion. I love the 2013 styles and all the lace, but don't like alot of what I've seen from 2012! So hope some of the same sort of dresses will be around in 2014...
  • I bought mine four weeks ago and I get married sept 2014. However the woman told me the styles can change dramatically each year and what you like now may not exist next year and they'll be really hard to get hold of
  • I ordered my dress on January 5th this year and I'm not getting married until May 23rd 2015. One dress I went to said they had brides getting married in 2016 who'd ordered dresses.

    The thing with my dress is that I know I'll never find a dress I love half as much as I do my one and I would hugely regret not getting it if it got discontinued in the run up to my wedding (which seems likely as the only place I've seen it is at a trunk show...never seen it in any magazines!) For me, it's one of the biggest things of the day and I'm happy to have it ordered, knowing it's one major purchase off the list.

  • I went to my first shop last week and the second dress i tried on i loved!!! but i was thinking it was a bit above my budget at £965. with alterations it would take it to ove £1000.

    she then told me i would suit a straight across neckline more as i am top heavy( this one was a sweetheart neckline). 

    she then told me she had one with a straight neckline in the sale over half price £400, it would need more alterations but no more that £150. but i would have to get it like now!

    i was soooooooooooooo tempted but decided its the first place ive been, so i have booked some more shops in to see if any more get close.

    It did make me think about colours etc though as i went in thinking i wanted ivory and this one was coffe / gold coloured and it looked amazing!


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    I have my wedding dress.. but it's a very long story! .. Our weddings been pushed to 2015 (as apposed to next year) and in all honesty, though I love my dress I am worried I wont when the time comes. .....

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    Hiya, I get married in june 2015 i found my dress last year and have just ordered it today. not looking at any others now so i wont change my mind! i know i looked really early but had no savings so have paid my dress off monthly. hope this helps image good luck! xx

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    I'm Also Getting Married in 2015, But in the July The only time we could get as my Fiancé is in the Army. image I've only just started looking now myself I think its important you get the feel and know what style and shape suits youmwith the Millions of styles and shapes and materials out there It sometimes hard to know well thats what I've heard from of few of my friends who have had there own weddings a few years back,Oh and congratulations and good luck xx image 

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    I am selling my gorgeous Jenny Packham 'Desire' S10-14 wedding dress, which I never wore, if you are interested?


  • I am getting married in May 2015 and I accidentally bought my dress on Saturday! Never too early image 

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    Never too early! Sometimes it can take ages to find the dress for you. One of my friends took about 9 months to find their dress.

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    I have been looking for my dress for 8 months (get married August '14) and am still no closer image I have tried on near to 50 dresses now & I think it's just getting worse! I never thought it would be so hard for me but I still have loads of time *said hopefully*

    the only thing I would say is that buying your dress 2 years in advance gives you time to fall out of love with it so just be sure as lots of brides on here end up selling their impulse buy wedding dresses! image 

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    I would maybe hold off a little bit, if you are planning on losing weight first you may find you change shape and suit different styles. I bought my dress 10 months in advance, then changed my mind and bought another 11 weeks before! xxx

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    I'm a 2015 bride to be too and I'm off to the national wedding show to get some inspiration for dresses. I'm not worried about whats in trend or fashionable (I have an idea what I like) and seeing as I have already dropped 5 stone, I only wanna tone up inch wise rather than drop more weight so I thought....why the hell not?

    I have a measley budget for my dress and hope to bag a bargain

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    got mine last year and getting married in april next year. I loved it when I saw it and was the last one left, Glad I got it as I have not seen any more that are better. Still in love with it

  • Hi friend.. your marriage is on april 2015 ryt???

    Its bettrt to go to all best shops and decide from which shop you have to select your wedding dress..


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    I am getting married June 2015 and I got my dress a couple of weeks back.  I wasnt planning on looking so early but I found one online that I couldnt get out of my mind so had to go try it on and it was the one!!!

    I dont think its too early got plenty of time to pay it off!

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  • Hi!!! image

    I'm getting married July 2015 & I've already started trying dresses on. I wouldn't worry too much about it because at the end of the day your the bride & if you want to try dresses on then that's up to you.

    The woman in the shop actually told me that some brides had already ordered dresses for their 2016 / 2017 weddings.. Lol image Xx

  • My wedding is March 2015 and I'm going to bridal shops for the first time on Saturday. I think I'm planning to buy online, have seen one particular one I love but can't bring myself to buy it without having had the bridal shop experience firsT, if for no oter reason than to make sure the dress style I like will suit me! 

    glad I'm not the only one thinking so far ahead! X

  • My wedding is September 2015 but as I live in a different country now, I went looking when I was home a month ago at dresses and found one! 

    Being this early it is giving me a good time to find the cheapest one available. I found one €590 cheaper than I was originally quoted so to me, thats a huge discount! 

    Luckily, I tried the dress on and all that jazz so I know I want it so its just a matter of toning up and paying it off! 

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    I also get married in sept next year and already have my dress. It was in no way planned, I went dress shopping with one of my bridesmaids for ideas and fell in love with the dress in a sample sale so it's now sat in my spare room until I take it to get altered nearer the time. I look at it once in a while to remind myself how beautiful it is

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