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I am getting married 23rd May 2015 and trying to be super organised.  So just a question when are you sending your save the date cards out?  Read so many different dates when it should.   I was thinking 18months but wondering if this is too soon or a 1 year in advance? 

Thanks Lisa xx


  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    1 year, but depending on circumstances I think. I did it 1 year before as I had family coming from overseas.

    I would say earlier than 1 year if your having an abroad wedding and less than 1 year if most people coming live close.

  • Hi,

    Thats great thank you! think i let the excitement get to me lol.  1 year sounds plenty of notice.  Im going to make the cards myself so least i got plenty of time to do that.  5 months to go for you - exciting! x

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    I know that feeling! I was itching to get it all started, which isn't a bad thing. There is plenty to do at 5 months believe me!

  • Hi, yes its a bank holiday too.  ah ok thank you thats a great help image 

  • I sent mine 18 months in advance as didnt think it would hurt people having too much notice lol! Then sent my day invites quite early too, as again didnt see the harm and figured less stress for me on the run up if they were sent. image

  • There is that too it too,  and im very organised, like to keep the stress to a minimum lol.  image 



  • I'm hoping to send ours out 18 months in advance (we're on the same day as you Lisaa!) so it'll give our guests plenty of time to sort out accommodation, travel etc (we've got a lot of people coming from Leeds to Swansea, so they need as much notice as possible!)

  • Thanks Emma.  I was thinking 18months notice, i like to be organised and plan.  i was thinking of sending them out on valentines day next year so just over a years notice 

  • I'm gonna do mine about a year in advance I think. I have a feeling if I do them now (18 months) people will mis place the card and forget
  • I want to send them out now, think its just the excitement image but everyone would think ive lost the plot

  • Yeah I want to do everything now, I wish the wedding was this September! I want to book honeymoon as well but they only go upto a year in advance!
  • Least we will be organised and it will soon come around, be here before we know it.  

  • I'm getting married on the 7th December this year so sent them out with the christmas cards. better to be organised than not as it will come round so quick

  • Sorry Davenport 2 be this didn't come up on emails. Aww exciting i cant wait to be able to say im getting married this year! we decided to send them out on valentines next year so that will be a year and 3 months notice image

  • I'm getting married in March 2015. I want to send everything right now! Far too excited lol. I was hoping to send mine out at the end of this year start of next but not too sure yet.


  • I'm not sure, I'm thinking maybe a year in advance image

  • I have just sent ours out with the Thank yous for our Engagement presents (saves on postage). We are getting married 25th April 2015 xx

    I was too excited, couldnt wait any longer! xx

  • 2bMrsJS2bMrsJS Posts: 54

    Mines March 2015 - I'm undecided as to whether to send save the dates (as haven't decided upon a design) but if I do I plan on including them in Christmas cards this year gives about 15months notice x

  • We would love to do fridge magnets but seems do expensive. Anyone come across any decent cheap options? X

  • Hi ive just done my save the dates. Did homemade ones which were fridge magnets. Brought a roll of magnet online for about 2 quid and just cut to size. still have some left over in case need any more. I made photo booth style save the dates and came out pretty awesome. 

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    MrsRowlands2Be wrote (see)

    We would love to do fridge magnets but seems do expensive. Anyone come across any decent cheap options? X


    We was thinking of fridge magnets too!  I had a quick look and vistaprint doesn't seem to bad price wise I think it depends if you want a standard design or your own photo? Have you had any further luck with this? x

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     Hi ladies, I ordered these off eBay from handmade by amie, and really happy with them! They are size of a business card and so cute! She also has a Facebook page with more stuff on but as these have a magnet strip on the back were exactly what we were after. We choose the champagne colour to match our theme. Hope this helps!! X

  • Vicki009Vicki009 Posts: 173

    I made my save the dates and ended up going for magnets and sticking them inside cards I made and printed off...




    They were so much fun to make! We used Vistaprint and they were £17 for 50 and that included postage and packing. They were really good quality! If I could recommend one thing though, it would be to get personalised postage stamps off royal! We did, and everybody loved them, we got our cats involved! Everyone loved those more than the save the dates themselves I think! x




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    Yay- a date twin! I am 23rd May 2015 too! I don't know when to send mine, and also if I should send email save the dates or cards? love the idea of personalised stamps- were they expensive?! 

  • Vicki009Vicki009 Posts: 173

    The stamps weren't too bad! For a sheet of 20 they were £14 which we thought was pretty reasonable image 

    I think save the date cards are nice, just depends if you're trying to keep your costs down I suppose, and then an email might be better! x

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    i just sid did post cards on zazzle !! made the stamp pin the back a pic of us image 


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