April 2015 Weddings

Hi All, 

Just wondered if there are any April 2015 Brides out there?

We have booked for 25th April 2015, in Essex.

So far we have booked the venue, sent save the dates, chosen the colour theme.... and thats about it - Everytime i call a vendor for a price for the budget, they all say 'Ahh its still a long way off' - Puts me off booking anything! Anyone else4 suffered this? x




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    I am May 2015 and have set up a 2015 thread for all us brides to share our stories... http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/forum/planning/2015-brides/394587.html

  • Hi congratulations. We have just booked Friday 10th April 2015 in Bournemouth. Im very excited. So far only booked the venue but i already know colour scheme (lemon). Im not booking anything else until after christmas but getting prices and ideas etc at the moment. Once christmas is over the time will fly by. Everyone keeps saying it will go quickly. x

  • I'm booked up for the 6th April image so far I've booked the venue and registrar, nothing else yet. I've done a few google searches and been to one wedding fair, but nothing major so far. 

  • Hi

    We are getting married 23rd May 2015 and have booked everything had fantastic response from everyone and we even managed to keep the prices for this year if we booked now.  Just got dress to get and bridesmaids dresses but doing that Feb when the new collection comes out xx

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    Congratulations everyone image

    If any of you have seen my 1st post on the site, you will know that my other half hasnt made anything official yet by asking me the big question but we have booked an appointment with a wedding coordinator at my favourite hotel and we have been discussing dates and are thinking April 2015 X 

  • Hey!!

    We are getting married on 4th April 2015 image 

    So far we've only booked the Venue and nothing else. Everyone says it's too early to start booking everything but I just want to get in there and get it sorted! LOL!


  • Hey, I'mgetting married 25th April 2015 in Croydon! Can't wait!!

  • I'm getting married 25th of April in Falkirk, we have everything booked.image

  • Yeah Date triplets! xx

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    Well I definitely belong in here now, venue booked for 5th April 2015 image

  • Hi, 

    We looking to get married April 2015. But we are wanting to go abroad, just our close family, 10 of us in total. We are looking at Mauritius, but as a cheaper option poss somewhere like greece, but I just can't seem to find anywhere. We would like a beach wedding, or somewhere with amazing views. we trying to find a nice all inclusive hotel as we'll. can  anyone help?????? I'm struggling image

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    Im struggling to organise our wedding in the UK so I'm not sure ill be any good with weddings abroad, sorry but good luck and keep us posted x

  • Hello! I am April 25 2015 too! In Brighton. Seems like a very good date image I like the fact everyone is nice and organised here as I get sick of being told it is a long way off!

    We have had mixed responses - we managed to get the venue to hold their 2013 prices as we booked early which was good. But have had a few people say they don't have their 2015 prices yet which is frustrating.

    I've just ordered Save the Dates but haven't sent them yet. Planning to do it next month. We have booked the Venue, Church and transport and I've just started looking at dresses with mixed success. Not as easy as I would have hoped!



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    Hi Springinmystep, welcome image

    Im being told the same by some of my family and then the others understand, its so hard but at the end of the day, its your special day and if you want to organise everything now then do itimage

    Im getting married on 5th and up to know, i have booked the venue, booked the registrar, booked the photographer, got my flowers, my daughters flower basket and tiara (only because they were what I wanted and couldn't not get them), I've also got my maid of honour and bridesmaid a little personalised gift to ask them.

    The save the dates have the final preparation to do and they will be sent out over the weekend image 

    Im trying to hold off dress shopping until at least the start of April, but its so hardimage x

  • Hi Brides to be ,

    Congratulations to you all, Im also getting  married the 28th March 2015 , Im so excited,im havin a 1950s rockabilly wedding, Colour scheme white and red,

    We have booked our Classic American 1950s bel air cant wait and we have sorted out our venue still lots to  do so stressful, done my own save the date and will  be sending them out in march. so looking forward to this year planning it all, ive been and tried on  two dresses but not  what im looking  for i no what im after  just finding it it so  looks like the dress will  have to hold of lol 


    see ya all soon

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    Hi Sammy1970, your wedding theme sounds amazing image X

  • Hi Ladies! Congratulations to you all!

    We are getting married April 17th 2015 (hopefully should get confirmation today) in Cuba just me and the hubby to be going having party for friends and family when we return image

    Have a wedding co-ordinator and a lovely lady who knows the place well helping to plan everything. Getting married in beach gazebo looks amazing!!

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    Oooh, that sounds amazing xSoon2bMrsMx let us know how you get on image

  • Wedding planner contacted me last night I have my date April 17th 2015 at 3pm image now to start looking for a dress and get party organised for our return!

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    Oh wow xsoon2bMrsMx, how exciting image

    My save the date cards have now all been sent and its all so exciting image x

  • I know I'm so excited to go dress shopping seems so far away but will be here before we know it image

    Will you send invites out nearer time? I've told family/friends we plan on having party on return was just going to send invites out before Xmas. Wasn't sure if save the dates where the same as invitations??

  • Hi everyone!  We are getting married 24th April 2015 in Essex! image

    So far we have the venue, registrar and photographer booked, save the dates have been sent and the family dramas have already started!

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    Xsoon2bMrsMx - I cant wait to go  dress shopping, im trying to hold off till end of March beginning of April though. Were are getting married on Easter Sunday and about 100miles from where we live so i thought if we sent save the dates out then it would give people enough time for those that work bank hols to request it off and also for people to save up for hotel rooms ect. We will be sending out invites later on in the year as this may contain menu options if we go down the route of letting people chose rather than having one set menu.

    Hi Katie1611, congratulations image Your planning is coming along nicely and its not a wedding without some family drama's is it?! just ignore them, they will sort themselves out just enjoy the planning and look forward to becoming a Mrs image X

  • Hi all!

    We are getting married on the 9th April! It was meant to be May but lots a family drama meant it got brought forward to April. Why do weddings always involve such drama!!

    We are getting married in Cyprus. So far have booked the villa (we will be staying in and getting married in), registrar, photographer and legal work (came as a package). 


    Haven't even started thinking about themes, dresses etc! The mother and MIL keep telling me I need to start dress shopping but it feels WAY to early!!


    Anyway nice to meet you all! Looking forward to sharing this exciting time with you all!


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    Sorry- totally new to all kinds of internet forums!


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    Congrats everyone image

    I'm 2nd April 2015 image can't wait! 


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    Congratulations DrBride2 and BeckyP x

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