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Hi all image

We have just paid our deposit on our wedding which is in May 2015 at Rushpool Hall.

I feel as if I am caving everybodys ears in at home as it is all I want to talk about so have decided to speak to many other brides to be as I am sure you are all excited too!

Has anybody else got a wedding booked at Rushpool or even at another venue on a similar time to mine?x



  • Hi im getting married at Rushpool Hall in September 2014. Lovely venue isnt it? we booked ours in february this year and ive pretty much bought everything including my dress already! although i am in to my 12 month countdown now! I was so excited and also felt like i was annoying everyone talking about weddings all the time lol. have you made any other arrangements yet? which room are you having at rushpool? x

  • Hi Sarah image

    it is absolutely beautiful - I can't wait hehe.

    What sort of dress have you gone for? did you get it locally?

    I feel exactly the same - it's all I want to talk about and I feel as if everybody is getting bored of it now.

    Upto now we've got Rushpool, Registrar, Band, Photographer and hairdreser sorted. Been getting a few quotes for seat covers, photobooth and a videographer, so hopefully we can get them booked before Christmas!

    I think I'm gonna go have a look around a few local wedding fayres (hoping rushpool has one soon-any excuse to go again!)


    What colour scheme are you going for?xx

  • Sorry I forgot to add - we've gone for the blue room xx

  • I'm gettin married next year but I'm north east too! image

  • Where have you gone for Weddin? x

  • I got my dress from Elizabeth George in Middlesbrough. I wanted a dress with lace on and thought I wanted quite a slim one but instead I've got quite a big one lol it's amanda wyatt.

    We have gone for the blue room too because we have about 75 on the day and 120 on the night but I wasn't as keen on the gold room anyway. I booked my chair covers with sheer elegance who are always at the wedding fayres at Rushpool. They are a lot more expensive than other company's but her covers and bows are a lot better quality than others I've seen and she just makes the room so much prettier lol. She has loads of pics on Facebook of Rushpool hall.

    I still need to sort out my photographer, flowers, cake and transport for the men lol but I've got all my tables decorations, things for my favours, bridesmaids dresses and all our jewellery. We have for plum and ivory. Have you decided on colours yet?

    Rushpool must be due another wedding fayre because they haven't had one since march and they normally have 2 a year. I'm sure last year it was October November time x
  • Redworth hall. Stayed there few times for anniversarys, birthdays etc so knew we wanted there. How u gettin on with planning?

  • Hi Sarah

    I can't wait to go dress shopping but as I am wanting to lose a little bit more weight before the wedding, but it is just so exciting! I'm not sure when to go!

    I found a beautiful Justin Alexander dress that I have fallen in love with - I have found a shop that is getting it in at the end of September as it is a 2014 dress and they are only getting one dress in my current size so as you can imagine - it's really tempting!

    I think we're going with Sheer Elegance too - I absolutely love her 'overlay' chair covers with the 3 roses.

    Our colour scheme is going to be navy and ivory - I have seen many wedding albums where the bridesmaids have worn navy and it makes the bride and flowers stand out alot more. Also navy is really slimming which my bridesmaids will love!

    Have you got the marquee? what have you decided on for your evening food? We were looking at the barbecue but thought the hot and cold buffet will be the safest option for us! xx

  • Hi Weddin

    Planning is going alright thanks, upto now I've got the venue booked, registrar, photographer and band.

    We have recently been looking at chair covers and have found somebody that we are happy with so hopefully we will get that booked next week!

    There is a wedding fayre on in Middlesbrough Sunday so I think we may be going along to that for some ideas (I have made a deal with the OH, if he comes to the wedding fayre with me I will go and see Incidious 2 on the night, uhoh)

    I have found some bridesmaid dresses I like in Debenhams so I am trying to get the girls together so I can get them all to try the dresses on!

    How about you?xx

  • Gettin there now, got venue entertainment photographer cake dress. Feels like iv done a lot when you write a list but there's loads of little meeting before wedding etc so you can never tick things 100% completed off your list lol 

  • What date do you get married? what type of entertainment have you gone for?

    that's the thing isn't it haha, you think oh wow look how far we've come but that's only just the beginning! what colour scheme have you gone for?xx

  • I'm gettin married val day next year, when we started going out a long 10 years ago so thought we would be cheesy n go for that date lol 

    iv booked dj through venue and got a few casino tables too just for ppl who don't love dancin all night. 

    We are going for all light colours, ivory champagne etc. I got so sick of trying to match colours I just thought I want everything to be light, kind of match and I'm sure ill not care on the day! Lol

  • Awww that's lovely haha - I wish mine was that close! i'm dying to try dresses on!!

    Casino tables sound good too!

    I've just got the band booked for the evening do, was looking at hiring a photobooth but got a quote of around £560 for 3 hours so I don't think I'll be going for that...!! xx

  • I was thinking of a photo booth but decided on casino. Only reason I would want photobooth really is for the book at the end but I'm having photographer, disposables on tables and a guest book for comments so there is no need really.

    I would love a band but don't think our budget would stretch to tht image 

  • Hi I love justin Alexander too I found a dress I loved on the Internet but then I decided to just go to a few shops and try different styles on to find what suited me best lol.

    I chose navy and ivory at first too! I was adament that's what I was having because like you I'd seen other people's wedding photos and they were navy and it looks lovely but then I found bridesmaid dressed and they were a plum colour and I fell in love with it so changed my mind lol. But whenever I see something navy I'm like ohh that's soo nice have I made a mistake? Haha but I still love the plum too so I'm happy.

    We have got the blue room too. We are having a buffet on the night because its 20th September so didn't want to risk the barbecue in case of the weather so I know what you mean cos I guess may is the same really isn't it x
  • Yeah that's what I'm gonna do I think! Whats your dress like Sarah? xx

  • It's called heavenly by Amanda wyatt. It's quite hard to explain lol it took 20 weeks to be made and sent to the shop and it finally came in a few weeks ago and it fit perfectly without any alterations so I better watch my weight haha.

    I didn't really want to go to try dresses on yet but we had been to the open day at Rushpool and I got a bit excited so went to the bridal shop after fell in love with it and ended up buying it lol xx
  • Eeek! I think I might start my weight loss journey (how hard will that be over xmas) and try and get my weight off by may next year then start looking at dresses as I will only have 12 months to go xx

  • Yeah will be really hard over Christmas but I'm sure you will do it! You have a wedding as motivation. Will soon fly by though I can't believe I only have 12 months to go now xx
  • It's crazy isn't it - how far in advance did you book? have you chosen any of your wedding music yet?xx

  • I booked at the beginning of February this year. I took my fianc?? to stay over for his birthday and wouldn't leave until we had reserved a date lol! They only had 2 Saturdays left for 2014 so we were quite lucky to get one I think.

    I haven't really thought about music at all. I've got a few CDs that I've got free with wedding magazines and they have songs suitable for walking down the aisle and signing the register so need to sit down and have a proper listen to them xx
  • Hahahaha that's a good way to do it, me and OH have been engaged for 3 years and everybody had been asking us for a while when are we gonna get married and I had been thinking about it so one Sunday when he was hungover I told him to get showered and make himself beautiful - which he did and I took him to Rushpool Hall - we had never been and both fell in love with it so made an appointment with their wedding coordinator and took it from there!

    It was funny cause Carl had never been too bothered about weddings or getting married but when he went to Rushpool he was absolutely in love and has been 'motivated' since then and putting lots of over time in!

    My bridesmaids are all different sizes (I've got 3 adults and an 8 year old) and I thought because the older girls are all different sizes I'd go with a maxi dress style dress which nips in under the bust and then it 'floats' two of the girls love the dress but one of them (maid of honour) doesn't think it will suit her and has found a dress of £200 instead!!

    that's the dress I had chosen and I think it will be lovely on the day! think I'm gonna take her to look at it in person this weekend - hopefully it wins her over! xx

  • Lol we had been engaged for nearly 2 years too so people were starting to go on at us aswell lol. I had my school prom at Rushpool hall so I already loved it there and we had been to wedding fayre there and lee loved it too but we just never booked it and then before I knew it it had been 2 years so I thought right I'll take him n hopefully he will be persuaded to book it haha and he was!!

    I love that dress. It's very similar to the one that I wore for my mams wedding last year but it was deep purple but it was debut and they looked lovely when they were on. I got my bridesmaid dresses off eBay and all my bridesmaids have said they loved them. I just bought one to start off cos all three of them are a similar size anyway so they all tried it on and liked it so I got another two.

    Don't know if that link will work but I've got them in the grape colour xx
  • The link didn't work image

    I really love the bridesmaid dress - hopefully when she tries it on she also likes it!!

    What is your wedding dress like? xx

  • lol i didnt think it would was on my phone lol try that one it should work lol

    this is my dress....

    up close its quite sparkly on the top and its just cut on the bottom really differently to any other dress that ive seen. the picture doesnt show the detail very well but its got like bits of embroided lace all over the skirt of it

  • Your dress is absolutely beautiful!

    I bit the bullet and on Saturday I went and tried some dresses on and fell in love with one! I'm going to take my mam on Saturday and show her and I think she will love it too xx

  • Thanks I do love it. I didn't even pick it out at first. I'd tried a few on and then the girl in the shop asked me to try that one on cos she thought I'd like it so I did and I loved it but the sample was 2 sizes too big so was hard to imagine it properly so whilst I was waiting for mine I was a bit nervous incase I didn't like it anymore lol but then I loved it even more in the end so I'm really pleased!

    Where did you go for it? If your mam likes it are you going to buy it? Lol xx
  • It is gorgeous! That's how I found this dress the lady in the drop pointed it out for me as she thought it would suit me and I fell in love. I keep looking back at the pictures of me wearing it and everyone keeps commenting on how small my waist looks!

    We went to isabelle's Brides in Easington image

    Don't think I will buy it just yet - like i said before I want to lose some weight before hand and if i bought it now and try it on in 6 months time I might not like it as much and want something totally different - I was only going to try on styles etc to find out which suited me and basically I was just excited

    The Justin Alexander dress i like will hopefully be coming in at that shop in Peterlee at the end of the month so I'm gonna go and try that on a week on Saturday to see if I like that as much

    Thinking of joining weight watchers to keep me motivated for the wedding weight loss haha

    Been looking at videographers, possible wedding singers and firework displays-want to try and get a deposit down on everything now so i can write a list up of what's left to pay - want the majority paid off at least a month before the wedding  xx

  • Hey, haven't been on for few days, sounds like you both been busy! Sarah your dress is gorgeous! And Zoe I live right next to easington! Never went to that wedding dress shop tho, I went to the one at shotton and my search stopped there lol 

  • thanks have you got your dress sorted yet weddin? not long until your wedding at all now! get christmas out the way and it will be here before you know it.

    zoe i would definitely hold out and try the justin alexander dress on because all of those dresses look amazing on the pics so i think you would constantly be thinking about it if you just buy the other one. i was scared to buy mine because i had 18months to go and i was scared of finding another dress that i loved but i was also scared in case i didnt find another dress if i didnt buy it and then it might of been discontinued haha but my mam was adamant that was the one i should get so i got it and i have just avoided looking at pics of dresses as much as possible lol.

    thats exactly what ive tried to do too... book as much as possible so that we have paid deposits and know exactly how much we need to save up lol.

    ive been looking at a band called The Last Anthem they seem quite good and something that my fiance would like. he works offshore though so ive sent him a link but he hasnt got back to me yet so ill just have to bug him when hes home on friday lol xx

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