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2nd April 2015

Hi everyone.

How's the planning all going?

We have just booked our venue (Surrey National Golf Club) and registrar for Thursday 2nd April 2015! So exciting! image

We picked that day because its the day before good Friday, and is during school holidays so our teacher friends can make it.. But it's still a good price because it's a Thursday! It's the perfect date for us but we almost didn't I get it as someone else had provisionally booked the date! Luckily for us they changed their mind!

I also didn't expect to have trouble booking the registrar so far in advance but the time we wantnew had already been book, so it's a little later than hoped for.

But i'm so exited... Although we won't be planning or booking anything else until the new year now!

 How's everyone else's plans going? 




  • I'm the 8th of april 2015 eeeekkkk can't wait x x 

  • Hi both

    you ae a month in front of me im May 23rd and i want it to be 2015 right now!  ok i may walk down the isle dressless etc but still cant wait.  Congratulations to you both.

    I have booked everything just dress and bridesmaid dresses to find and im making all the stationery, table plan, name cards etc myself so got that to keep me busy xx

  • Hi Becky

    I have just booked my venue for the same day as you, think it's a good idea letting our guests have a long weekend to recover!  I and am very excited.  We are marrying at Hampton Court House and will have the reception there too.  What have you got booked? I am currently looking for caterers and bar hire.....oh and a florist....


    Sam x

  • Kerry19Kerry19 Posts: 201

    Hi BeckyP 

    Congratulations, we are getting married on the 5th April 2015, its so exciting image

  • BeckyPBeckyP Posts: 178

    It is so exciting! only 14  pay days to go! Crazy!

    Sam, we have booked the venue which has catering, and the registrar. Also booked the photographer as he was recommended from photographing a friends wedding last summer. We're currently in the process of finding the band. I have also found the dress, which is way early but I'm in love with it haha.

    Hope everyone's plans are going well !? 



  • I found my dress about a year ago, and I get married in April. It was in fact the first dress I tried on in the first shop I went into, and I just loved it. I tried it on again today, and I still cannot get the smile off my face when Im wearing it!

  • Kerry19Kerry19 Posts: 201

    Never thought of it like that, eeeek 14 pay days sounds scary but soooo exciting image

    So far we have booked the venue, the registrar, the photographer, the DJ, asked the bridesmaid to be part of the day, sent out save the date cards, enquired about make up  just need to book my trial (because we are getting married in the lakes we need to work out when we are up there next), booked some of the guest hotel rooms and bought a few other things like my daughters tiara, flower basket, mr and mrs letters and im just in the process of sorting out a letterbox. It sounds like Ive done loads but i cant believe how much there still is to do!!! 

    weve got a few wedding fairs coming up so going looking for ideas then and my sister (MOH) and I are going centre piece idea shopping at the weekend.

    Aww cant wait for that feeling RatThings, dress shopping is scheduled for 29 March x 

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