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Derbyshire Youth Hostel June 2015

Hi everyone I'm getting married in a Youth Hostel in Derbyshire in June 2015.


It seemed a long way off when we booked it last August but now I realise it's time to get planning!


I have started to buy and assemble the items required for our homemade save-the-date cards and I have a lovely  shiny spreadsheet, but not much else yet!!


What's everyone else up to? And do you have a timescale in place?


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  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Oooh which hostel are you using? I'm also looking at the youth hostel route.

  • Hi we are getting married at Hartington Hall in the Peak District. It is a beautiful building, we can get married outside and there's a mixture of shared dormitories with some private rooms too for friends with babies or older relatives.

    I also looked at Wilderhope in Shropshire, this one was in a more rural setting, literally in the middle of nowhere with beautiful views which I adored. Also, a huge dining hall which was gorgeous, however in the end I was put off purely because all the accommodation was shared (no private rooms).

    Hope this helps!!

    Which ones are you looking at?

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Wilderhope is on my list of ones to go and view, Bath is also gorgeous, Swansea has everything we'd need space wise.

    Originally I had Manorbier sorted, but its ugly exterior kept putting me off, even tho I had based all my ideas around the place, its only recently I've started looking at others. Wilderhope came back with a BARGAIN price for the dates we wanted, which might sway me. I'm giving people free accom, If they'd rather have a private room with comforts, they are welcome to pay to stay somewhere else as far as I'm concerned. And as we are going for a NYE date, I figure the Majority might be partying till the wee hours and be a bit too tipsy to care where they end up passing out, and will welcome the free bed, lol


  • Ooh let me know your thoughts on Wilderhope, the setting is stunning and if you are providing accommodation then I agree that shouldn't be a consideration. We are asking people to pay for theirs at our venue, so I did feel that I needed to provide comfort/privacy for certain guests.

    I just googled the Youth Hostels you mentioned above, what a shame that the Manorbier external appearance really isn't very pretty... but I guess you won't be so reliant on spending time outside at that time of year, so perhaps it won't matter as much?

    I had never seen the Bath building before, it's gorgeous!!

    Happy planning x

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Sadly Bath was extortionately priced for the dates we wanted, coming in at more expensive for NYE night alone, than the entire stay would cost us for exclusive use at any of the other 3, its such a shame because it really is a stunning venue!

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