Forest Wedding venues near London?

Does anyone know any locations near London that do forest weddings?

Me and my fiancé are looking to get married next year but we have a low budget of around £4,000 to £5,000 so I need a lowish price for a venue.



  • Anne  2Anne 2 Posts: 1

    Hello Rachel, I was about to post the same question with the same budget. Did you find anything?


  • Hello Anne,

    Unfortunately I still haven't found anything other than Nottingham forest and that's a bit too far away from London for what I'd planned but it might be my only option!

    Please let me know if you find anything

  • Having looked at that I think you will struggle to find anywhere, particularly as it is London.  The nearest you may get to it is Kew Gardens although it will stretch your budget, and also there is the Riverhill Mountain Gardens just outside London at Sevenoaks; very beautiful and no civil ceremony but loads of beautiful churches nearby and loads of woods!

    Jules, DJ

  • trewsietrewsie Posts: 43

    Have a look at Wise Wedding Venue which is in Kent. I thought it looked really cool but wasn't 'me'. Not sure on the prices though.

  • marquee 2016marquee 2016 Posts: 132

    We also want a woodland/countryside feel to our wedding.

    We live in London too - Shepherds Bush but want the trees grass etc

    We looked at Riverhill and Wise weddings in Kent but both were ££££ for venue hire.

    The guy at Wise was also slightly oddimage

    We found our dream woodland/countryside venue from a bride on here and as they dont charge ANY venue hire we bookedimage

    Its The secret garden location at Blue House Farm.

  • The Blue House Farm looks great.  Good find 'Marquee 2016'.  One to log away for the future.

  • I will take a look at all of these, thank you all so much!

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