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Is there any brides out there who can help me along with some bands tried to book ERNEST but they are not avalibe on that date so now looking at t-junction but the H2B was hoping for male singers he really had his heart set on ernest also if you could give some rough prices for them would be fantastic have been quoted £1450 for t-junction ... 

all suggestion very appreciated 


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    £1200 - £1500 seems about the average

    Where are you based? We have just booked the VIPeas, they have a male and female singer, based in Bucks/Northants but our contract says they are willing to travel as long as travel and accommodation costs have been agreed.

    I was worried we had left it too late to book a band, pleasantly surprised they were still available about 14 weeks before our big day, but we are getting married on a Sunday and to be honest a whole host of other suppliers, including other bands, were still free.

    I love the fact they include a DJ, although this seems standard for most bands and a photographer to cover the evening, which means our official photographer only has to do a 10 hour shift!

  • ohoo really thanks for the reply i will have a listen to them then, im based in glasgow and getting married in the vu in bathgate been looking at loads but cant make a final decision lol well im not untill 2015 but iv emailed a few bands already and most have already been scoped up for our day. we are also a sunday but im scared if i leave it to long making a decision we will miss out on t-junction lol i will see them on saturday at the wedding show so maybe that will make my mind up x

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Maybe ask them how long they will hold the date for you without a deposit, the VIPeas gave us 14 days to pay the deposit and return a signed contract.

    I also find it easier to make a decision when there is a set deadline!

  • Hey, what date do you need them for? The Zoots are pretty awesome...all male vocals.

  • Hi Try Us!

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