A year today, I will be becoming Mrs P

So, having been on the forum for ages, I thought it would be rude not to share that this time in a year, I will be getting married image

As you can probably gather, I'm pretty excited- like a kid in a sweet shop lol.  I have a planning thread already, but I thought I would celebrate the occasion by posting what we have done so far....

  • The venue- Inn on the Lake, Ullswater (Lake District)



  • Advance booked the registrar
  • Provisionally booked our mini-moon (a cottage in the Lake District for the whole week)
  • Picked our theme.....shades of blue


  • Booked our photo booth system
  • Ordered my Stella York dress








  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I mis-read that, I was about to say how do you have time to post on here on the day of your wedding!

    Enjoy the next year, remember to take time out from planning, definitely have some none wedding planning time with your other half. 

    Your venue and dress are stunning! Also you made a very wise move picking shades of a colour, you can drive your self crazy trying to match a specific colour, I just went for purple and metallics with some blue, the groom bought a blue suit to wear a couple of months before the wedding!

    Have fun planning image

  • SutesSutes Posts: 697

    Thanks Herstory- that's really good advice.  And I've got to admit that I didn't want to become obsessed with trying to match everything as I think that would be far too stressful and unrealistic!

  • MissyLeMissyLe Posts: 145

    Hey Sutes, congrats on your 1 year to go mark! Mine was yesterday and I almost forgot. Lovely venue and lovely dress. Happy planning.

  • SutesSutes Posts: 697

    Thanks MissyLe- hope your planning is going well.  Enjoying your thread x

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