Getting married 26th July 2014 :)

The first one to post!! please let there be more july 2014 brides image xxx


  • Eeeekkkkk me two we are date buddies.

    Have you planned much yetimage x
  • I'm getting married on the 12th July 2014. Have either of you got any planned yet? I feel its too early, but still really excited and want to book things. hehe image xxxx
  • Ours is 26th July too!

    Excited! We've bought our place settings and a calligraphy set as I have my mum practising to write our guests names! Couldn't resist starting to do something!

    Oh and I've set up a spreadsheet to keep track of our spends - just to keep my practical head on!

  • im the 19th july 2014 image cant wait. had an inspiring day today n think i have contacted everything i will need image have venue booked, started guest list, budget sorted, looked at every aspect as know what i want, have save the date cards as got a really good deal and some invitation materials due to the same thing but dunno what i will use image
  • Hiya!! I'm also 26th July 2014 image we've booked our venue and registrar so far!! I'm a member of a couple of the other wedding forums but surprised to see how many sort of 'clubs' there are on here! Really nice that there is one just for our month!! image what are you all planning next? We're searching for photographer and videographer!!
  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229
    We're getting married on 19th July 2014. image

    We have our venue booked, but nothing else. don't realise you could sort the registrar so soon but will get on that now i know.

    It seems such a long time away but i am so excited. I have so many ideas, just need to sort them all out. Look forward to getting to know you all over the next 2 years. image
  • im getting married this date to!!! i feel like its to early to book n plan but i have so many different ideas in my head!!! =)
  • Quoted:
    im getting married this date to!!! i feel like its to early to book n plan but i have so many different ideas in my head!!! =)

    It's not too early to book, especially if you want that specific date!

    This will be our 6th anniversary of being a couple so we wanted it specifically and one venue we loved had it booked already!!!

    Also, good photographers and videographers tend to be booked early.

    The earlier it's all booked, the less stress there is later, I hope anyway image
  • zoecnzoecn Posts: 84
    I'm getting married in July 2012 in Santorini too, no date decided yet though. I have contacted wedding planner, venue has been sorted, but have chosen the theme, invitaition, decoration etc. But they are all idea, I haven't booked anything yet (but really tempted), just worry that if I book now, it's still too far out. image
  • zoecnzoecn Posts: 84
    Just want to ask all the brides here, all the restaurants that we have contacted with them, they haven't had wedding menu for 2014 yet. I'm really tempted to book the wedding planner though, suggestion please !!!
  • Hi!

    I'm 8th July 2014! I'm getting married in Cyprus but have the venue provisionally booked, it's never too early!! image
  • Getting married 5th sept 2014

    In Cyprus

    Lovely can not wait!
  • I used to live in Cyprus image where abouts are you planning on?
  • HI

    i am hoping to get married on the 26th july if i get the date with the venue i want. I am going to see it monday so fingers crossed i might put my deposit down image

    I have my photographer sorted and now just looking at what i want at the wedding image sooo excited and it seems forever away

  • Quoted:
    Just want to ask all the brides here, all the restaurants that we have contacted with them, they haven't had wedding menu for 2014 yet. I'm really tempted to book the wedding planner though, suggestion please !!!

    Im not getting married till aug 2014 but we have booked our venue and they are holding this years food prices for us it might be worth asking if you book this year will they hold the prices for you so you havent got an additional expense in 2 years time. Good Luck with it hun x
  • Hi there I am getting married July 26th 2014 and mega excited Are church weddingsstill popular? We are in process of looking at our numbers and I would like to book as soon as possible but is it too early? X
  • Were getting married on the 12th of july as it will be our 8th year anniversary. We are looking at venues as the one we liked is already booked on the date image Have got the church and my dress already as it was in the sale and i couldnt resist, lol !!

  • Oh my god that so makes me feel better We are off to view 2 venues over the next week very excited once we have venue sorted we are sorting church but I have started online shopping for all wedding favours,table decorations and things Are you wearing ivory,cream or white? Xx Also what colours you chose?we are looking at a royal blue,fushia or a red? But am worried colours maybe to dark for july wedding image x
  • Hopin to get married 5th July 2014 hopin to book venue ASAP living in Lanarkshire any suggestion ? Xx
  • Don't know anywhere in your area hun but we originally said church then venue for reception but after viewing a few venues that do ceremony and reception we fell in love with one so scrapped church and booked it I found venue by goggling local wedding venues and so pleased I did So far they been so helpful and have a wedding co-ordinator dealing with a lot of it so less stressing for us Congratulations to all July 2014 brides!! Xx
  • Thanx shortie we ll we were thinking abroad then home for reception but realised it will b easier to hav it all in 1 venue hopefully. Just need to find a venue the hunt begins there is 3-4 I will b viewing in the next few wks xx
  • im getting married on the 26th July 2014!! So excited... just want to get it all organised asap!xx

  • I'm hoping to get married on the 12th July 2014. Looking at venues next month so hopefuly will have that booked by the end of the year. So much to do but loving planning, so many ideas, might have to become a wedding planner!


  • I'm booked up for 5th July 2014 and stay in north Lanarkshire wher abouts are you thinking ? image X
  • i'm getting married on Saturday 26th July 2014 - i can't believe so many others have decided that date too - i thought i was early! so exciting!

  • We are getting married 14th July!! So exciting!! Im trying to wait until next year before i organise too much, but got it all planned in my head already!! ???????
  • Meee to pre booked venue waiting to hear from the vicar if date is confirmed and been buying bits too excited....
  • Mrsroe never to early to start planning bits I was surprised how quick the venues where getting booked up already for this date... 26th July 2014
  • i know - our venue is booked up the day before and weekend after... i have lots planned in my head too! lol!

  • Church booked and deposit paid on venue that I want excited whoop whoop....
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