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Hey 2014 brides!!

I'm on the Hitched forum as well, which is a little harder to navigate with no specific 2014 threads really so one of the brides on there has created a 2014 group on Facebook! I thought I'd post a link on here as it isn't specifically just for Hitchers, especially as there isn't many of us 2014 brides yet!

Hope this link works.. The more the merrier!!!



  • Hi mrsjones

    I've just clicked the link and requested to join, I'm getting married on 31st may 2014image
  • MrsK2014MrsK2014 Posts: 280

    Hey I'm 29.12.14 - I've just requested to join too image

  • Hey Everyone!


    Thanks for the link, I've requested to join image I'm also on hitched aswell but haven't seen any 2014 threads.  I'm getting married on 21st June 2014 image yippeeeeee image

  • There's a few on Hitched now, but this is the only forum I've found that's so specific!! Been away from the forums for a bit concentrating on my dissertation but that's done now so back to planning and browsing!
  • PBandJPBandJ Posts: 72


    I've requested to join, getting married in March 2014 eeeeeeek! xxx

  • Hi im 24/08/14, i've asked to join as well image x

  • I've just clicked to join facebook group, I'm getting married 4July 2014. Think I'm going to drive my friends over the edge cause all I do is talk about lolxxx
  • I've just sent my request! July 21st 2014! So excited hope it comes quickly!! X
  • I've requested to join 15/3/2014 yippeeeeeeeeee
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