Getting Married in July 2014

Hi Ladies, thought I would start this thread as sure that you are all starting to hear those immortal words that it'll come round really quickly after Christmas!!

I am getting married to himself on the 5th of July 2014! Really very excited but feeling rather disorganised! xx



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    Hi Toad, I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard that in the last few weeks!

    I am getting  married on 25th July, excited and feel strangely organised. I know I have lots to do but I am having a few weeks off in the new year because of an operation so have left everything to keep me occupied! xx 

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    Phew glad you are here MrsM - thought I was all alone! Hope your operation is nothing too serious! I'm on a push to get a good few things sorted out in the next couple of weeks! We are meant to meet up with our caterer in the New Year to pick out what to eat - so really looking forward to that part! And cannot wait for my dress to arrive in the shop!! Invites and other stationary is next on the list though! xx

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    Operation isn't serious just has a long recovery timeimage

    We met with our wedding coordinator last weekend which was really helpful as we were able to answer a lot of questions which had been bugging me. My dress came in last month which was great. I got to try it on briefly but it has now been put away until June!  Going MOB shopping tomorrow which I am sure will be a mixture of fun and stressimage xx

  • Ladies I'm going to join you ... We get Married on 21st july next year and I already can't believe how quickly it's coming in! We did loads in the first few months but for the last four months have basically done nothing ... Now needing to pick up the pace again!! image my first major hurdle was startingt h weight loss game properly so I signed up for Lighter Life just short of three weeks ago and have lost just over a stone in the first two weeks - can't wait til Monday night to find out how much I've lost this week image x

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    Hi Sarah .. It is really coming round quickly!

    Well done on your weight loss.  Thats a fantastic achievement image

    Where are you getting married Sarah.  I saw on Toad's thread that you are up near Oban x

    Well I wqas hoping for a lie-in this morning, but the pesky cat, who must have been let out by one of the kids during the night, decided to want to come in at 6:45 this morning, and instead of using my sons window, he decided to scratch at the kitchen one instead which is where the dog sleepas .... cue barking

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    I'm getting married on the 19th July xxx


  • Ditto the need for a lie in! We were up late last night too but the dog decided that he needed to be up at normal school time, so was sat next to the bed with a paw on my pillow at 7am ... I managed to resist until about half past!! Grr!

    We are getting married in Glasgow in the end because of the number of people travelling to see us. You can see the venue on my planning thread ...

    Hi JoJo, where are you from?xx

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    Morning Ladies and welcome Jo Jo image  How was everyones weekend?

    Well after shopping with my mum on Saturday we managed to find her a dress.  It was the first one that she tried on so no stress!  She has gone for a bridesmaid dress, but it is going to be shortened to just below the knee.  The shop owner is also going to make her a bespoke jacket to go with it so she is very happy image



     All of our dresses have been purchased from the same shop as well which is amazing!


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    Morning Ladies!! Hope the weekends were good? I did get a few long lies... which was good as was totally knackered last week! Otherwise just went to the Post Office to collect my wedding loot that had ended up back at the delivery office, had a housewarming party and then yesterday met a friend and wandered around the shops, went out on my new bike for a wee while and then made a roast dinner!
    That dress is lovely MrsM! Bet you are so chuffed that your Mum got sorted! Mine isn't going to look for anything until into the NY but is trying to lose weight so has been swimming every week - bless her! Did you manage to do a deal with them since you are buying everything from the same place? x

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    My mum is also trying to lose weight.  She wanted them to order it a size smaller than they did but we persudaded her otherwise!  The shop were excellent and we got a discount on the bridesmaids and the MOB dresses.


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    Awww well done on that one! I tried my luck on the BM dresses as we got them from the same shop where my dress was bought but they were only able to take £6 off each dress... spent the extra £18 on some scones for us though! heehee! What is next on your list? I am on invites now - going relatively DIY as a) we need loads and b) my Mum works for a newspaper so have access to printing presses so costs should be low! Seen some online that I absolutely love so just working on trying to recreate them! xx

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    Ha ha ... glad you spent the saving on the dresses wisely image

    Next on my list is our wedding rings.  We are going to Hatton Gardens in London next month to see what deal we can do. I would like either a plain gold band or one with diamonds.  My Oh wants a yellow gold band with diamonds placed at intervals around the band.  I am useless at haggling so am going to leave it to the OH to do! but have heard that you can get some really good deals - Finger crossed.

    I am also making my own invites. I wasnt going to until I found out the cost of them. I did try a couple of people off ebay but got messed around so my mind was made up.  They are surprisingly easier than I thought and I have made a draft, but going to make the actual ones when I am off in the new year. x


  • Interesting that you are all doing your own invites too - I was determined not to do them ourselves until I saw the price people were charging for something I could knock up pretty quickly of an evening...three months later I was on my 4th version of our invites and knocking my head against a brick wall!! We got them done in the end though and I was SO proud!! (I know, they are already out and we have 'most' of our RSVPs back, but only because we are getting married in Glasgow literally days before the Commonwealth Games start and people wouldn't get accom otherwise!) xx

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    wow Sarah that is organised.  I am not sending mine out until early next year but we did send out save the dates early as we are a couple of days after the games start and we didn't want people booking tickets!!!  Plus it gives those that are coming from Scotland plenty if time to organise travel before the prices go through the roof! X

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    It is definitely a matter of cost for me - as I'll need around 100 invites so at £5 each? Not a bloody chance! We sent out Save the Date cards too - with information about local hotels and our intention to put on a bus so that people could get themselves organised that way of it! Think we are before the Games start so should be ok...

    Have you girls booked honeymoons? xx

  • MrsM2014MrsM2014 Posts: 223

    our honeymoon is all booked although we changed our minds along the way

    originally we thought of the Maldives. For me it was paradise ... my idea of a holiday is sitting on a beach or by a pool doing nothing!  However we quickly realised that after a couple of days paradise would become hell for the OH who would get bored.

    second choice was St Lucia. So we decided to go round the travel agents to see what deal we could do. In Thomas Cook the lady we spoke to was really good and whilst waiting for a price to come through suggested Mexico. We had discounted this as we had both been before although not together. However once we started comparing we realised how much more we could get for our money.  So having gone out not planning on booking anything, we came home having paid the deposit on a 5* all inclusive adults only luxury holiday for two weeks!  (Adults only was a big plus as I am leaving the children at home and knowing my luck would get a room next to noisy children!) xx

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    MrsM we are date twins! I didnt think I had one. I'm July 25 too.

    you all sound more organised than me, which isn't hard as I don't even have my dress yet due to an eBay disaster and I keep hearing from people how late I've left it! Haven't booked honeymoon yet either, we keep changing our minds. Currently thinking Indonesia maybe.

    I can't wait to be able to say "We're getting married this year" rather than next year though. Coming round really quick! I think christmas will kick my butt into gear too for all the details, at least I hope so! I have all the ideas just havent put many into motion yet!

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    Woohoo finally a date twin! image  I thought there would be more of us especially as when we chose the date we found out that my cousins BIL was also getting married the same day but  it appears not image

    I am only organised as it's my nature and I am marrying someone that when he gets an idea in his head it has to happen there and then. my OH would have got married this year until I pointed out the practicalities like money.  To be honest I probably sound more organised than I am and I am sure that I will be running round like a headless chicken on the run up! xx

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    I am really keen on the Maldives for a honeymoon and think I've got my OH sold on it too. Will need to start stocking up on books now though so that he doesn't get bored as that will be a bit of a concern!

    Hi Laura! - I don't feel particularly organised at all and just can't seem to get into it at the moment as work is insanely busy! I think I need to make some lists... xx

  • I'm getting married on 12th July 2014 - very excited.

    Got our first meeting with the vicar on Friday which should be great.

    Got MILtobe issues but major hurdle ahead is bridesmaid dresses! 

    Got the honeymoon booked and we are doing a driving tour of america which should be pretty awesome. 

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    Hello MrsBStobe! Whereabouts are you getting married? I had such worries about my BM dress shopping but in the end it was a breeze! I just had a good idea in my head about what I wanted and what would suit all the girls. They tried on about 10 and it was sorted in 40 mins - just hope there are no issues once they arrive instore!! xx

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    Hello Ladies!

    Great thread!

    Getting married 26th of July. It's a customised  destination wedding. Only just found my dress last week. Plan to order it by the end of the month. Been speaking to wedding planner via skype and so far so good. Current issue is the bridesmaids dresses. They are the Dessy brand and quite steep! Anyone have any ideas for a cheaper supplier?

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    Hi there Kay! Where is your destination wedding? Sounds amazing, I love a droll over the destination wedding reports on here... but just wasn't really an option for us with families etc. Just need to be sure that we get an awesome honeymoon! xx

  • MrsM2014MrsM2014 Posts: 223

    Morning Ladiesand hello Kay and MrsBstobe.

    sorry I haven't been around for the last few days. It has been manic at work and no sign of a let up image

    My bridesmaid shopping was really easy as well and this was the shopping trip I was dreading. I basically told them they could chose what they wanted ... Within reason ... As I want them to feel comfortable on the day.  From the pics they had forwarded over the internet of dresses they liked I knew they were thinking similar to me. In the end it was the first dress they picked out! we ordered at the beg of Oct and was told that they wouldn't be in until Jan.  however I got a call last week to say they have arrived!  Cue another excuse to go shopping this weekend so that we can view the dresses before they are put away.xx

  • Kay MoKay Mo Posts: 14

    Hi there ToadBride and Mrs M2014

    It's in Barbados, so it's going to have a small attendance of about 25 people. Mainly family and closest friends. I'm sure you will have an awesome honeymoon ToadBride...

    Honeymoon is something I can't seem to get my head around just yet!

    MrsM, I'm glad to hear  bridesmaids dresses is one task nearly out the way. I hope the ladies are happy with their dresses after trying them on! Reading your post has made me think that I am just going to have to ask my bridesmaids to choose a cheaper alternative if I can't find their preferred dresses for cheaper!

    Then next thing invites!

  • MrsM2014MrsM2014 Posts: 223

    Barbados sounds lovely Kay!  The only problem with booking our honeymoon so early is that I keep looking at it .... By the time I get there I will know it inside out! image

    Well work hasn't let up, which is getting me down, 5am starts and not getting finishing until late evening, which means that the wedding has taken a back seat for now. I know that once Christmas is here it will get better and then I have up to 6 weeks off in the new year .... The diy is stacking up!!!

    Is everyone ready for Christmas? image Xx

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    I'm getting married on 26th July too image 

    Feeling a bit unorganised but I have the main parts sorted - my dress! Church, venue, catering & photographer.

    I have same problem with bridesmaid dresses. We have fallen in love with dessy dresses but they are quite expensive (3xbridesmaids) I'm hoping to keep searching around and find a cheaper alternative that they are all happy with. 


  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I'm a 26th July bride too image

    I think I might possibly be the least stressed bride ever - probably won't stay that way though! I got a lot sorted last summer - I am a teacher and I just don't have time in term-time to sort things out, so I did as much as I could in the summer holidays. 

    Got my bridesmaid dresses from Ebay, originally from Coast, I had seen them and loved them but they were around £200 each which was a bit steep. So I was browsing online, googled the dresses and some came up on Ebay, a woman who was selling 8 of them from her wedding so had only been worn once. I only needed 2 and she had the sizes I wanted so I went ahead and bought them, got 2 for less than the price of one new, had them dry-cleaned and all sorted!


    We booked our honeymoon and we are going to a nice 5* All Inclusive, Adults only (spend enough time with children image) in Mexico - would be weird if it was the same place you're going MrsM!

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Hey 2Alexs and VicN2B, sounds like we are mostly all at the same stage in the organisation stakes - which is reassuring!! We were at a family wedding on Saturday which was lovely but there were a lot of little touches which is the bits that stress me out - and they had a few similar themes to us... hopefully it'll come across that these things are just popular rather than that we are copying! Hope all you ladies had a good weekend! xx

  • Hello Mrs Toad Bride. Thank you for the reassurance. We are going BM dress shopping now at the end of January and possibly looking at Ghost dye to order dresses. They look amazing so should keep the BM's happy but the budget!

    Am getting married in St. David's Cathedral. Absolutely beautiful very lucky


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