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Excited newbie :-)

Hi ladies just joined site a few mins ago getting married 7th June 2014,can't wait. So thought i'd join here rather than drive everyone demented with wedding chat for next 2 year image. Have church,venue and photographers booked. Rach x


  • you will spend all your time on here now...its soooo addictive....congratulations welcome to the wedding world x

  • Hi Rach, huge congratulations and welcome to the site!!! Where are you getting married? image x

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    Hey sorry thought I had set up email notifications,will get used to this. Getting married near Newcastle fox what about yourself,have u got much sorted Shabby x
  • Hi there & welcome image

    I couldn't wait 2 yrs I'm to impatient heehee image

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    Fraid im divorced so being a bit more cautious and giving ourselves a bit of time image.

    Rach x
  • Hi Rach, we're getting married on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. image Trust me, the time will pass so fast, when we got engaged and started planning we had longer than you have and now we're down to 10 months to go!!! image x

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    Thanks fox we got engaged nearly 3 month ago and your right its already flown over just so excited image. Whats next on your list to do.

    Rach x
  • Trip wrote (see)
    Fraid im divorced so being a bit more cautious and giving ourselves a bit of time image.

    Rach x

    Well it took us 12yrs to get round to setting a date heehee just wanted to get married asap after waiting that long hahahaha  image  The time is flying by begining to wonder if we've given ourselves enough time hahahaha.

    I see you put Rach I assume that is short for Rachel, I'm a Rachel but I prefer Raye image

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    Wow yip i'd be sick of waiting then too image. Yeah im Rachel too n get Rach,Ray,Raquel u name it so answer to anything lol. So hows your planning going x
  • hahahaha me too!!!  Planning is getting there Ceremony. reception venue, deejay, cake maker & honeymoon all booked image

    All bouquets, buttonholes & corsages brought (having artificial as we suffer with hayfever).  Centrepieces are a work in progress as is postbox & invitations image.  Bm's gifts sorted. 

    Still undecided about my dress, on a tight budget so going down the sample or preloved route, but brought h2b's suit.  Got the rings image

    Phew I'm sure there's something I've missed out but its too early to remember everything  image  heehee

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    Congratulations! Welcome to the most addictive place in the world! Haha! Every morning I'm up checking the gossip - I also set up email notifications but haven't been receiving any recently, no idea what's going on with the site!
  • Hello and welcome! This site made such a difference to my wedding planning, it's amazing.

    Ooh fox-in-the-flowers I got married a few weeks ago on the Norfolk/Suffolk border - where you are marrying?! image


    EDITED to say - you're marrying where we just got married! (Just realised after i'd posted you'd put a link to your planning thread!) I'll message you!

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    Yay! Im getting married the same day as you! image

    Have booked my venue, photographer and band and thats as far as I have got, so decided to join this site to help with the rest of the planning!


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    Well done on getting those booked,what type of venue u gone for and what made u choose your band.

    Rach x
  • I have gone for Pittodrie House Hotel, its like a stately home up in Aberdeen with a mountain in the background,r:5,s:0,i:88

    Our band was recommended to us by a few people, so I went on their website and it just so happened they were playing in a local pub the following night, so I took that as a sign and went to see them. Loved them and booked them that night! image

    What about you, what kind of venue have you gone for?

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    Wow that looks fab image,im up in Aberdeen every other month as my friend who im bridesmaid for in nov lives up there image.

    We are having a church wedding and then to a pub which sounds a bit casual but its lovely and on the riverside so going to be fabulous for pictures image.

    I've got to go n give up my ring today boo lol but uts for my wedding ring to be made so its worth it.

    Going to order our save the dates in a few weeks too so we can out them in with our Christmas cards.

    Rach x
  • Hi,

    I'm a complete newbie!  I got engaged two weeks ago on my birthday image

    Now I am starting to look at dresses etc.  I have a provisional date reserved at my dream wedding venue in Ravello, Italy.

    Does anyone have tips on wedding dresses under £500, I have got to stick to a tight budget!

    Ellie x

  • Any ladies here getting married 2014 join this Facebook group

    2014 Brides

    Such lovely ladies and lots of help and opinions. I also am getting married 7th June 2014 nearly a year since booking the date - wow gone fast!
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    Just joined...awaiting confirmation!


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