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weddings abroad...italy..possibly sorrento


Me and my hubby 2 b are looking at italy sorrento for possible location for our wedding next year...any reccomendations



  • MariazziMariazzi Posts: 18

    Hi Katie,

    What about a wedding on an island in the middle of an Italian lake? The island is called Monte Isola and the lake is called Iseo. It's in the North of Italy, between Milan and Verona.

    Have a look at my facebook page and let me know if you are interested:

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  • I went to sorrento earlier this year and stayed in a hotel called the Aminta. It was up on the hilltop overlooking the bay, with beautiful views. They have a large room with a view for meals, and the food/service was excellent. The hotel owner (who hung out at the poolside bar a lot) was very friendly and approachable

    not sure if they would host a wedding reception for you, but i think it would make a lovely setting. Plus there's a pool! 

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