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Booked my date!!

So I booked my date at my beautiful venue about a month ago. Just got the contracts and spoke to the church so we are officially getting married 14th of June 2014. So June brides what have you bought/planned/booked so far? I've booked the venue, church and this week just bought my bridesmaid dresses. So excited can't wait to go wedding dress shopping.


  • Congrat on booking your date!! And wow wifey 2b you are ery organised! Im impressed.

    I am also having a June wedding on 7th.

    Have found venue and paying deposit on Monday! Very excited! I guess as soon as venue and date are set thats when you can start booking everything else!!

    Soo excited xxx mrs P to b! X
  • Congratulations!! Its so exciting!! Im getting married on the 25th May 2014 (again nearly June)

    Im having a big Greek wedding (Have lots of family) so very exciting.  So far i have:

    Booked church, venue, videographer, photographer, hair & make up stylist, ordered my dress, band, got my tiara. Im trying to get the majority done this year so thats its less stressfull.  Nxt on the list will be the centrepieces, flowers and the cake. The rings will be later on this yr as well as the honeymoon and the bridesmaide dresses. The grooms suite we will get early nxt yr (In case he looses a bit of weight)

    It has gone so quick so far. I cant wait till the big day. image

    Soulla xxx

  • Kerry3Kerry3 Posts: 14

    Oh my god! You are very well organized indeed!I started doing things 6 months ahead. Im getting married on the 18th August 2013 - and I have just working on that list image  Now I should go back to my search on Honeymoon destination!!image


    Congratulations girls on your booking datesimage Very exciting


  • RW14RW14 Posts: 83

    We are getting married on June 7th 2014 image

    So far we have...

    My dress image, veil, my Choo's and belt

    The band

    The photographer and videographer

    String quartet

    Jazz trio

    Save the dates

    A 'here comes the bride' banner!

    And lastly, hair and make up.

    Next job is the BM's dresses. I've spent longer on their dresses than anything else as I just can't decide on a colour!
  • Kerry3Kerry3 Posts: 14

    Congratulations Gilly!

    My BM's dresses are bright-deep pink/fuchsia... They will bright up my day!image

  • MrsCZ14MrsCZ14 Posts: 134 New bride

    Congratulations on booking your date! We are also getting married 14th of June 2014!

    So far we have sorted:

    - church 

    - reception venue

    - marquee

    - brides dress

    - catering

    and I've started collecting things for centrepieces!


    Enjoy your planning xx

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    I need to get a move on! We have also decided on June 14th 2014.... didn't think you can book more than a year ahead at our register office but I will have to find out and check!

    It's only a small wedding as we've both been married before. I have sorted out my tiara and bouquet and honeymoon lol!

    I have found a place to visit for a dress that can make to measure so I will pay them a visit with my best mate xx


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