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Wedding Bands in Kent

I'm new to this site so hope I'm doing this right!! Can anyone recommend a good band for the evening of my wedding. It's not until 2014 but I know you have to book in advance. We are not youngsters and just want a group who will get everyone up dancing. It's in Kent so would love to see them before we book anything. Any advice greatfully received!!! Thanks


  • I am I n kent too and can recommend the big g,s they are a five piece soul band playing with drums saxophone and trumpets. Their agent is Pam Robinson at band matters in Tunbridge Wells.                                                          


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    not Kent, but close... a great Sussex band is the Big Kahuna - they are brilliant and are playing at my wedding next year. Guaranteed to get people dancing - they come out into the audience and the lead singer is amazing.

    There are several bands of the same name so let me know if you want their details.


  • Well it's taken me this long to see your reply's!!! Thanks so much - I will look them up. I'm useless with computers!! 

  • We saw a band called KingTastic at my cousins wedding and they played some great old school tunes like Alright Now and Stevie Wonder and Heard It Through The Grapevine as well as tunes that got us dancing like Staying Alive and James Brown. They finished with some proper new rocking songs that were great too like Sex On Fire. Not sure were my cousin/his wife found them. They didn't have a DJ but the band played a great playlist on an iPad and had most of the songs I asked for.
  • If your still looking the check out JUST GROOVE LIVE

    Hi, have you heard Gypsy Jazz? Its up-tempo lively music that creates a great atmosphere for weddings.

    our group offers first class musicians and great swing music!

    here are some links for you to have a look at,

    Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.




    or email [email protected].com for a quote 

    Best of luck!

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